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Thursday June 22nd, 2023 night edition

image for Orca rams into yacht off Shetland in first such incident in northern waters

Dr Wim Rutten, a 72-year-old retired Dutch physicist and experienced yachtsperson, was sailing solo from Lerwick to Bergen in Norway.

“I said: ‘Shit!’” Rutten, who said he had heard about the “Portuguese accidents”, told the Guardian.

The whale hit again and again, creating “soft shocks” through the aluminium hull.

“What I felt [was] most frightening was the very loud breathing of the animal,” he said.

The orca stayed behind the boat “looking for the keel.

This is the same behaviour that has been seen in the Iberian orca population, but it is the first time it has been known to happen in northern waters.

Highly social cetaceans, orcas use complex vocalisations to communicate and to hunt for food, from small fish to blue whales. »

Trump stumbles when Fox host tells him his plan to execute drug offenders would include people he pardoned

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Donald Trump issued pardons and commuted dozens of sentences for people incarcerated for drug crimes while he was in the White House.

His administration also hailed the passage of the First Step Act during his presidency as a rare bipartisan achievement towards criminal justice reform.

“I’m calling on Republicans and Democrats immediately to institute – to get to Washington and institute the death penalty for drug dealers. »

Daniel Rodriguez: Man who attacked officer Michael Fanone on January 6 sentenced to over 12 years in prison

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Jackson, who called Rodriguez’s attack on Fanone a “horrific assault,” noted that while Rodriguez was trying to stop the peaceful transfer of power, Fanone “was protecting the very foundation of democracy.”.

“My career, my friends and my faith in the justice system” were extinguished in the January 6 attack, Fanone said.

Head pleaded guilty to assaulting an officer and was sentenced to over seven years in prison in October. »