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Wednesday June 21st, 2023 evening edition

image for Fox confronts Trump with lengthy list of aides he appointed – and then turned on

A Fox News host confronted Donald Trump in a heated interview with a long list of former staffers he appointed and later went against.

"Well, I did do that," Mr Trump responded.

Baier then read out a long list of his former allies who are now running against him in the 2024 presidential elections.

Calls you ‘the consummate narcissist’ and ‘troubled man.’ You recently called Barr a ‘gutless pig’,” he said as Mr Trump watched.

Mr Trump said he had “phenomenal people” without naming anyone and praised his administration “for defeating ISIS”.

But don’t forget, for every one you say, I had 10 that love us," Mr Trump said.

Mr Trump sat down for an interview for the first time since 2018 with Fox News’s Baier, who also challenged the former president’s election fraud claims during his coverage of the 2020 elections. »

More than half the population of India supports same-sex marriage

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New research has revealed more than half of India’s population supports same-sex marriage, as the debate over legalising unions in the country trudges on.

Same-sex marriage in India is not currently legal and queer couples in the country are only afforded certain rights if they live together as a cohabitating couple.

The research found support for same-sex marriage is highest in Australia, where unions have been legal since 2017, at 75 per cent. »

Why It Seems Everything We Knew About the Global Economy Is No Longer True

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The global economy, declared Christine Lagarde, then the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, “is in a very sweet spot.”.

A lot has happened between then and now: A global pandemic hit; war erupted in Europe; tensions between the United States and China boiled.

But as the dust has settled, it has suddenly seemed as if almost everything we thought we knew about the world economy was wrong. »

‘Signs of life’: Hopes mounting for breakthrough in search for missing Titan sub

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“Likely signs of life” have been detected in the area where a missing Titan submersible was last seen.

The Explorers Club’s statement followed earlier revelations from leaked government documents that “banging” sounds had been heard coming from the area the submersible was last seen.

A renowned oceanographer said he was “hopeful” after the banging sounds were heard but said teams must not wait to “get assets there”. »