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Monday June 19th, 2023 evening edition

image for Identity of mole who sold Russia secrets from within Australia's spy agency uncovered

For at least two years in the late 1970s, the ASIO mole was the feared Russian spy agency's only back door to American and British intelligence secrets.

Some longtime officers like Peacock, known in the service as "the old and bold", were frustrated, believing the organisation had lost direction.

Peacock's career seemed to have plateaued as a new breed of tertiary-educated officers moved up through the ranks.

At its peak, the Cold War played out not on a conventional battlefield but in the shadowy world of adversarial spy agencies.

The Soviets were desperate to learn the secrets of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance members: the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

This mistake clouded the spy agency's judgement for the next decade, even when there were further intelligence indications that it was an ASIO mole.

The details of ASIO's hunt for the mole, and any successor he may have found for the KGB, have remained closely guarded. »

China’s Big Gas Bet Raises Questions About Complicity With Russia

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A successful Russian revanchist conquest of Ukraine would be a powerful precedent for Beijing potentially using force against Taiwan.

A sudden environmental conscience thus cannot explain China’s LNG buying spree in the run-up to the invasion.

China has been trying to sell itself abroad as a neutral arbiter over Ukraine, even as its domestic propaganda remains heavily pro-Russian. »

Germany will pay Holocaust survivors across the world over $1 billion in 2024

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Germany will pay Holocaust survivors across the world over $1 billion in 2024.

Germany will pay Holocaust survivors over $1.4 billion next year, which will go toward one-time payments for the survivors and welfare programs.

The conference, which represents Holocaust survivors, stated the $1.4 billion will go towards direct compensation and social welfare programs for the survivors. »

New poll reveals voters think Trump is a criminal, Biden is too old and DeSantis is a fascist

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The top two responses from voters describing Mr DeSantis were “fascist” and “unsure”, the latter indicating possible unfamiliarity with his political record or a lack of name recognition.

Altogether, the poll results signaled that Americans are largely unsatisfied with the options they have for leadership over the next half decade. »

Harvard Morgue Manager And Associates Charged With Trafficking Human Remains, Sold Parts Via Facebook And PayPal

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The morgue’s manager, Cedric Lodge, was part of a massive nationwide network that bought and sold human remains stolen from the university’s medical school.

They would also allow their buyers to come into the morgue and pick whichever parts they had their eye on.

One of the main buyers, Katrina Maclean, allegedly agreed to purchase two human faces for a total of $600. »