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Tuesday June 13rd, 2023 evening edition

image for Trump finds no new lawyers for court appearance in Mar-a-Lago case

The lawyers making an appearance with Trump on Tuesday will be the top former federal prosecutor Todd Blanche and the former Florida solicitor general Chris Kise, according to people familiar with the matter.

Trump has also seemingly been unable to find a specialist national security lawyer, eligible to possess a security clearance, to help him navigate the Espionage Act charges.

Blanche and Kise had dinner with Trump and other advisers on Monday at the BLT Prime restaurant at the Doral.

Trump and his team have interviewed the corruption attorney Benedict Kuehne, who was indicted in 2008 for money laundering before the charges were dropped, the person said.

But he has his own baggage as he faces disbarment for contempt of court in a recent civil suit he lost.

Donald Trump arrives in Miami a day before his scheduled arraignment on a 37-count federal indictment involving classified documents.

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Western companies still operating in Russia were so profitable in 2022 that their corporate taxes contributed almost $4 billion to the country's revenues

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The 100 largest Western companies still operating in Russia posted $13 billion in profits in 2022, per Novaya Gazeta.

Profits jumped 54% from 2021 and the firms contributed $3.5 billion in corporate taxes in 2022.

The biggest taxpayers were US, UK, and French companies who paid 40 billion, 47 billion, and 55 billion rubles, respectively. »

Denver, Colorado, mass shooting leaves at least 9 people injured, police say, soon after Nuggets' NBA title win

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At least nine people were injured in a mass shooting in downtown Denver, police said, as crowds gathered to celebrate the Nuggets’ first NBA championship.

Of nine people shot, three are in critical condition, and the rest are believed to have non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

Denver police early Tuesday investigate a shooting that left at least nine people injured. »

India threatened to shut down Twitter and raid employees’ homes, Jack Dorsey says

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“India is one of the countries which had many requests around farmers protests, around particular journalists which were critical of the government,” said Dorsey.

The orders from the Indian government “manifested in ways such as ‘we will shut Twitter down in India’… ‘we would raid the homes of your employees’, which they did; ‘we will shut down your offices if you don’t follow suit’.

Twitter under Dorsey and his team “were in repeated and continuous violations of India law,” Chandrasekhar said. »

25% people in 80 countries think husband beating wife justifiable: Shocking UN report

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A woman jogs with a dog along the Hudson River shortly after sunrise, as haze and smoke caused by wildfires in Canada.(Reuters).

The report noted that prejudices remain “deeply embedded” in society along with cultural bias and pressures that hinder women’s empowerment.

These prejudices “are widespread among men and women suggesting that these biases are deeply embedded and influences both men and women to similar degrees,” the report said. »