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Thursday June 8th, 2023 night edition

image for Ron DeSantis' Approval Rating Has Collapsed

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has seen his approval rating fall dramatically two weeks after announcing his 2024 presidential bid.

According to online polling company Civiqs' dynamic approval rating graph, DeSantis currently has a net approval rating of negative 19 points, with an average of 55 percent of respondents disapproving of him, compared with 36 percent who have a favorable view of the Republican.

The data shows DeSantis has a major unfavorable rating from those aged 18-34 (63 percent), women (62 percent), as well as African Americans (85 percent), and the Hispanic/Latino population (68 percent).

In comparison, the Florida Governor's overall approval and disapproval rating was tied at 47 percent in early December.

Presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis listens to his wife speak to a crowd on June 2, 2023, in Gilbert, South Carolina.

DeSantis' approval rating has fallen 19 points over the past few months, according to Civiqs.

In the subsequent months, DeSantis' approval rating has fallen 19 points, with polls continuing to suggest that Trump is the overwhelming favorite to clinch the GOP presidential nomination in 2024 despite his continuing legal difficulties. »

GPS Mistake Led Driver With 400lbs of Drugs to Canada Border, Arrested

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A 60-year-old American inputted the wrong GPS coordinates and ended up at the Canadian border.

Police said an inspection uncovered 400 pounds of cannabis and more than $600,000 cash in his car.

Canadian border officials said that they found 181 kilograms, or about 399 pounds, of cannabis during the inspection that was valued from $269,775 to $539,552. »

A Breckenridge man’s dog ran off after his wife died. It survived 5 weeks in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains before being rescued by a hiker.

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“I’m the type of person I really care about everyone, no matter who you are — all living things.”.

Volunteers fanned out and found the dog — as well as another missing dog — but it wasn’t Riley, Krugman said.

Meanwhile back at Krugman’s homestead, Riley has “totally recovered and is back to being the Alpha dog now,” he said. »

France to Become Second Largest Arms Exporters as Russia Suffers Dip in Demands: Report

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With the rate of arms supplies in the last few years, French suppliers could surpass their Russian rivals within a decade.

France has more major arms on order for export than Russia currently and in the coming years, French arms will be in the same order of magnitude as Russia.

The five biggest defence exporters include the US, Russia, France, China and Germany, which account for a total of 76% of all arms exports. »

FTC Will Require Microsoft to Pay $20 million over Charges it Illegally Collected Personal Information from Children without Their Parents’ Consent

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The COPPA Rule requires online services and websites directed to children under 13 to notify parents about the personal information they collect and to obtain verifiable parental consent before collecting and using any personal information collected from children.

According to a complaint also filed by DOJ, Microsoft violated the COPPA Rule’s notice, consent and data retention requirements.

COPPA prohibits retaining personal information about children for longer than is reasonably necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected. »