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Tuesday June 6th, 2023 day edition

image for Homo naledi buried their dead 100,000 years before humans

Researchers have uncovered evidence that members of a mysterious archaic human species buried their dead and carved symbols on cave walls long before the earliest evidence of burials by modern humans.

The brains belonging to the extinct species, known as Homo naledi, were around one-third the size of a modern human brain.

The study team lays out fossils of Homo naledi at the University of the Witwatersrand's Evolutionary Studies Institute in Johannesburg.

Fossils belonging to Homo naledi were first discovered in the Rising Star cave system in South Africa during excavations in 2013.

A reconstruction of Homo naledi's head by paleoartist John Gurche, who spent some 700 hours recreating the head from bone scans.

“These recent findings suggest intentional burials, the use of symbols, and meaning-making activities by Homo naledi.

In 2018, the team began to find evidence that supported the idea that Homo naledi intentionally buried their dead. »

Newsom slams DeSantis over migrant drop-off: 'You small, pathetic man'

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Newsom took to Twitter saying, "@RonDeSantis you small, pathetic man.

DeSantis has made the migrant relocation program one of his signature political priorities, using the state legislative process to direct millions of dollars to it.

The first flight, if proven to have been arranged by Florida, would intensify a prolonged political feud between DeSantis and Newsom. »

Man gets fired from his job for taking toilet breaks for six hours every day

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A man in China has been fired for taking up to six hours in the toilet every day during his eight-hour work shift.

According to Laodong Daily, the Chinese court recently ruled that the daily toilet breaks of the man surnamed Wang “were not within reasonable and normal physiological needs” even though he cited health concerns as his reason for them.

He said his health condition forced his need to stay in the toilet from three to six hours every day starting in July 2015. »