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Monday June 5th, 2023 day edition

image for Eagle Who Thought Rock Was an Egg Finally Gets to Be a Dad

As time went on, he became more and more protective of his offspring, screeching and charging at anyone who tried to come near.

Only one thing stood in the way: His careful brooding and nurturing was being spent on a lifeless rock.

Keepers at the sanctuary assumed that Murphy’s fatherhood fantasy would pass with the season and he would move on from his rock.

They removed the “rock baby” and put the eaglet, protected by a cage, into the enclosure with Murphy.

“And he was taking such good care of his rock that we decided that he would be our best bet.”.

Fans of the new eagle family can keep up with the regular updates posted on Facebook and Instagram.

“He was sitting on a rock and everybody told him, ‘It’s a rock, it’s not going to hatch,’” Griffard tells the Post. »

France legally bans select short-haul flights —so should other countries follow?

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France has passed the bill to ban short-haul flights through parliament where a train alternative of 2.5 hours or less exists—something that has been in place, practically speaking, for a while.

However, while France declared its legal ban a world first—for environmentalists, the law has been watered down far too much.

at 2.5 hours, this cut-off point is just less than the train time to one of France’s main cities on the Mediterranean, Marseille. »

DeSantis signs into law industry-backed bill allowing Florida landlords to charge 'junk fees' instead of security deposits

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To wit: Friday DeSantis signed into law a controversial bill that critics say is “ripe for abuse” by bad landlords.

The bill, HB 133, allows landlords in Florida to charge tenants a nonrefundable, limitless, recurring fee in lieu of a security deposit, or what's been dubbed “junk fees.”.

In Florida, there’s no cap on how much a landlord can charge for security deposits, nor how much they can charge for rent. »

Lauren Boebert now says her failure to vote on the debt limit was 'a protest.' But video from that night shows her frantically running up the Capitol steps trying to make it inside in time.

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But video from Wednesday shows her frantically trying to make it inside the Capitol on time.

A video from a CNN producer on Wednesday night shows the congresswoman frantically running up the steps of the Capitol trying to make it inside before the vote.

Watch the video of Boebert trying to rush inside the Capitol the night of the vote below. »