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Monday June 5th, 2023 morning edition

image for Lauren Boebert now says her failure to vote on the debt limit was 'a protest.' But video from that night shows her frantically running up the Capitol steps trying to make it inside in time.

Lauren Boebert on Wednesday failed to vote on a major bill that raised the federal debt ceiling.

She had vocally opposed the bill, and on Saturday called her failure to vote "a protest.".

But video from Wednesday shows her frantically trying to make it inside the Capitol on time.

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Rep. Lauren Boebert on Wednesday failed to vote on a bill that raised the federal debt ceiling, a move she has vocally and repeatedly opposed.

A video from a CNN producer on Wednesday night shows the congresswoman frantically running up the steps of the Capitol trying to make it inside before the vote.

Watch the video of Boebert trying to rush inside the Capitol the night of the vote below. »

Traffic cop sues city over ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ cards for NYPD friends and family

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According to Bianchi, who is Cuban-American, courtesy cards are used to maintain a system of impunity – a “get-of-jail-free card” for families and friends of NYPD officers to avoid traffic tickets, a growing source of revenue for the city.

Still, Bianchi continued, ultimately writing up traffic stops in which he in effect ignored or questioned courtesy cards carried by fellow cops’ family members and friends.

Once again, Black and racial minorities are unlikely to be the recipients of these cards and given a pass of traffic stops and violations.”. »

Fighter jets chase small plane in Washington area before it crashes in Virginia

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The jet fighters created a sonic boom over the U.S. capital as they pursued the errant Cessna Citation, officials said, causing consternation among people in the Washington area.

Encore owner John Rumpel told the Washington Post his daughter, a grandchild and her nanny were on board.

According to Flight Aware, the plane appeared to reach the New York area, then made nearly a 180-degree turn. »