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Friday June 2nd, 2023 day edition

image for Georgia gun shop owner shutters store after mass shootings targeting children

A gun store owner near Atlanta said he is closing his store after his conscience was burdened by recent mass shootings that targeted young victims.

Jon Waldman, 43, opened Georgia Ballistics in Duluth in March 2021, and post-pandemic business has been steady ever since, he said.

But just with my conscience, I can’t sell it, because I don’t know who it’s going to affect and hurt," he said.

Waldman insisted he's not pushing for greater restrictions on firearm ownership but is only advocating for more gun safety.

He said too many gun owners don't pay the same attention to their firearms as to their cellphones.

Shannon Watts, the founder of the gun violence prevention group Moms Demand Action, praised Waldman for linking firearms to threats against children.

"That’s because gun owners are for the most part not legally required to safely store their firearms. »

Donald Trump Audio Tape is 'Game, Set and Match' for Prosecution: Attorney

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during an event at Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach, Florida, on April 4, 2023.

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman suggested reports surrounding an audio tape of Trump discussing having a classified document could be "game, set and match" for him.

In September 2022, Trump claimed that he had the power as president to declassify top secret documents just "by thinking about it.". »

Markwayne Mullin Gets Laughs With Odd Comment During Hearing

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“I’m not just calling you that chairman, you openly say that you’re a socialist in your book, Outsider in the House.

I have a book here, here in front of me called Our Skin,” Mullin continued, adding:.

‘A long time ago, way before you were born, a group of white people made up an idea called race. »

Japan vending machines to automatically offer free food if earthquake hits

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Japan has extended its natural disaster preparations to vending machines, which will offer free food and drink in the event of a major earthquake or typhoon.

The machines, which contain about 300 bottles and cans of soft drinks and 150 emergency food items, including nutritional supplements, have been installed near buildings that have been designated as evacuation shelters.

In another first, a vending machine with a radio that will automatically issue emergency broadcasts was set up in a park in Tokyo earlier this year. »