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Friday May 26th, 2023 day edition

image for Florida unions sue DeSantis for serious violations of the U.S. Constitution

And it’s “an extension of Governor DeSantis’s broader campaign against public educators and public education itself,” the court papers add.

DeSantis retaliated against the Disney Corp., whose workers are also unionized, and which is Florida’s biggest private employer, by abolishing its special taxing district around its Orlando theme parks.

That law, in turn, was one of dozens of pieces of anti-educator legislation DeSantis pushed.

SB256 covers “disfavored” public unions in Florida—all except the Fire Fighters and unions representing police and corrections officers—and hits them hard.

“Disfavored” Floridian unions, with FEA as DeSantis’s main target, find their First Amendment right to freedom of speech—in teaching—and freedom of association curbed or banned.

SB256 was the latest and apparently most far-reaching anti-teacher and anti-public-school law DeSantis has pushed through during his time in Tallahassee.

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Trump workers moved Mar-a-Lago boxes a day before FBI came for documents

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Presidents and vice presidents routinely deal with classified documents, but strict guidelines from a variety of statutes have clear guidelines on the subject.

The Washington Post has previously reported that the boxes were moved out of the storage area after Trump’s office received a subpoena.

In that instance, a junior aide apparently moved the box from a government-leased office in nearby West Palm Beach. »

Aderrien Murry: 11-year-old Mississippi boy who was shot by responding police officer after calling 911 is released from the hospital

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An 11-year-old Mississippi boy who was shot by a police officer after he called 911 for help is recovering after being released from the hospital, according to his family.

Murry told CNN that the “irate” father of another of her children arrived at her home at 4 a.m. Saturday.

Murry said the officer who arrived at the home “had his gun drawn at the front door and asked those inside the home to come outside.” »

Russia moves ahead with deployment of tactical nukes in Belarus

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MOSCOW, May 25 (Reuters) - Russia moved ahead on Thursday with a plan to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus, whose leader said the warheads were already on the move, in the Kremlin's first deployment of such bombs outside Russia since the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union.

Shoigu said the documents he was signing in Minsk concerned the process for storing tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Tactical nuclear weapons are used for tactical gains on the battlefield, and are usually smaller in yield than the strategic nuclear weapons designed to destroy U.S. or Russian cities. »

Helldivers sequel is coming later this year

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Arrowhead Games showcased arguably the most eye-catching and humorous trailer at yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase when it confirmed that the sequel to Helldriver is coming later this year.

The sequel to 2015’s Helldivers is a third-person shooter as opposed to the top-down perspective of the original game.

Helldivers 2 is coming to PC and PS5 later this year. »