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Sunday May 14th, 2023 evening edition

image for Faith leaders speak out against ‘toxic’ Christian nationalist conference arriving at Trump’s Miami resort

A far-right Christian nationalist campaign amplifying conspiracy theories and political violence in a message wrapped in biblical prophecy has arrived at one of Donald Trump’s signature properties.

The events often draw from or are hosted by megachurches with large congregations.

Faith leaders and clergy with a coalition of groups opposed to Christian nationalism launched a billboard campaign near Donald Trump’s Doral resort in Miami, which is hosting the ReAwaken America Tour.

Among the speakers at the Trump Doral event are political operative Roger Stone and prominent election conspiracy theorists Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell.

Eric Trump told CNN that the organizers pulled the speakers from the event at his request.

Mr Ward also has denied the Holocaust and suggested that Jewish people were behind viral outbreaks.

“We must reclaim our faith and write a new vision for our communities based on love, justice and respect for human dignity,” she added. »

Lukashenko does not appear at Belarusian National Flag Day celebration

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Self-proclaimed Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko did not appear at the celebration of the Day of the State Flag, State Emblem and National Anthem of Belarus on 14 May following the news of his deteriorating health.

Details: It is noted that Lukashenko did not appear at the ceremony of honouring the national flag, emblem and anthem, which took place on 14 May at State Flag Square in Minsk.

A day earlier, after a long absence from the public eye, Lukashenko visited the presidential clinic in Drozdy on Saturday. »

Platypuses return to Sydney's Royal National Park after disappearing for decades

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Platypuses have been relocated to the Royal National Park in Sydney, after they disappeared from the park's waterways about 50 years ago.

"Royal National Park is Australia's oldest national park and I am pleased this historic reintroduction will help re-establish a sanctuary for this iconic species," she said.

The platypuses have received veterinary health checks and have been fitted with transmitters, so they can be closely monitored in their new environment. »

Elden Ring: FromSoftware Confirms Long-Term Support

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Elden Ring proved to be a critical success for FromSoftware, winning the Game of the Year award and selling over 20 million copies.

However, this is just the beginning for the IP, as new financial results reveal long-term plans for Elden Ring.

With games like Armored Core 6 coming up and long-term support for Elden Ring, it may be a while before the release of the DLC. »

'The best feeling': Woman in labor walks across graduation stage, gets degree

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DEARBORN, Mich. (WXYZ) — A Dearborn woman had an extraordinary college graduation after she went into labor during her school's ceremony last weekend.

The amount of walking that can be done on a graduation day is what worried Kelsey Hudie and is why she eventually spoke up.

"Nothing was going to stop me from walking that stage — like 100% — even if I had her first," Hudie said. »