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Thursday May 4th, 2023 night edition

image for Audio captures Trump demanding NBC reporter be kicked off plane for asking about hush money probe

Former President Donald Trump grew angry with a correspondent for NBC News this spring and ordered that they be kicked off his plane for asking about his ongoing hush money probe.

The ex-president would go on to be charged with 32 criminal counts of falsifying business records to hide a hush money scheme.

According to audio obtained by Vanity Fair, Hillyard questioned Mr Trump during a gaggle aboard “Trump Force One” as it sat on the ground in Waco, Texas, following the president’s rally there on 25 March.

After suggestions that he was growing frustrated or anxious about the probe, Mr Trump grew visibly incensed and ordered Hillyard to stop asking questions.

When Hillyard again persisted in his line of questioning, the president then barked: “Alright, let’s go, get him out of here...Outta here.

It isn’t clear if Hillyard was actually removed from the plane, or simply prevented from asking further questions.

CNN’s Jim Acosta was famously referred to as “fake news” by the president and prevented from asking questions during a press briefing in early 2017, days before his inauguration. »

CNN: US ambassador says China should push Russia to end its war in Ukraine

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Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns said on May 2 that "it’d be helpful if China pushed Russia to cease bombing of Ukrainian schools, and Ukrainian hospitals, and Ukrainian apartment buildings," CNN reported.

Burns also said the U.S. had not seen evidence that China was providing lethal military aid to Russia, but it was monitoring it.

However, the proposal also urges abandoning "the Cold War mentality" and "stopping unilateral sanctions," rhetoric frequently used by Beijing to criticize the West's response to Russia's war. »

Texas Bill Will Give Republican Official Power to Overturn Elections

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The Texas state government is poised to enact a new law giving the governor-appointed Secretary of State the ability to overturn elections in the state's biggest county.

Republican and Democratic lawmakers have also squabbled over whether or not the bill specifically constitutes giving the ability to "overturn" elections. »

Zelenskyy: We did not attack Putin – that's for the tribunal to do

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Quote: "We are not attacking either Putin or Moscow; we are fighting on our own territory, defending our villages and towns.

We don't even have enough weapons to do that... That's why we didn't attack Putin; we'll leave that to the [international – ed.]

The United States said it is gathering evidence about the incident involving the drone which Russia is claiming attacked the Kremlin. »