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Wednesday May 3rd, 2023 evening edition

image for The Supreme Court’s ethics issues rest with the justices themselves - The Washington Post

It wasn’t a “high-tech lynching” three decades ago, when the Senate Judiciary Committee considered Anita Hill’s allegations against Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas.

And it is not a high-tech lynching for the committee to debate the ethics of now-Justice Thomas’s behavior and consider what steps are needed to address the broader issue.

called the Thomas conversation a “shameful reprise of 1991’s high-tech lynching” and decried what he called a “political campaign designed to smear” the justice.

actually went to the tape, as though Thomas’s volcanic testimony in 1991 was somehow relevant to the ethics issue now.

Former federal judge Michael Luttig submitted written testimony for Tuesday’s hearing, and the conservative jurist got to the heart of the matter.

Ginsburg, in particular, was treated too gingerly for too long, as she rose from mere justice to cultural icon.

And for that matter, the current competition for ethics scoops risks drowning the truly problematic behavior in a sea of minor lapses, if that. »

Searches for VPN Soar in Utah Amidst PornHub Blockage

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PornHub, perhaps the internet's largest porn site, has blocked Utahns from accessing content in response to the state's requirement that they verify user's identity.

The requirement is the strictest in the nation, in line with our findings that Utah is among the most culturally conservative states.

According to search data acquired from Google Trends, Utah's search interest in VPNs has exploded since the site was blocked. »

Texas manhunt ends after suspect accused of killing 5 neighbors found hiding in laundry pile

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“We just want to thank the person who had the courage and bravery to call in the suspect’s location,” Paul said.

Law enforcement officers search for the suspect a few miles from the scene where five people were shot and killed Friday in Cleveland, Texas.

Marshals Service, the Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers. »