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Thursday April 20th, 2023 night edition

image for MillerKnoll employee: Company threatening termination for speaking out about bonuses

MillerKnoll employee: Company threatening termination for speaking out about bonuses.

ZEELAND — MillerKnoll employees were threatened with termination for speaking to media about controversial comments from the company's CEO that went viral this week.

Kris Marubio, a spokesperson for MillerKnoll, told The Sentinel on Wednesday that was false.

The global furniture manufacturer's CEO Andi Owen found herself in hot water this week over comments she made during a Zoom call about employee bonuses.

zoom call from a ceo who cancelled all employee bonuses but took a $6.4 million bonus herself — Warren Commission Test Skull (@conzmoleman) April 17, 2023.

A clipped video recording, which went viral on Twitter, shows her responding to employee concerns about whether they'll receive bonuses based on company performance.

Thank you for your hard work, your grace, and for the commitment you show to one another and our company every single day.”. »

Vending machine in remote Japan town sells meat from intruding bears

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SEMBOKU, Japan, April 6 (Reuters) - A remote Japanese town has taken to selling bear meat from a vending machine, sourcing its supply to Asian black bears, listed as a vulnerable species, caught in traps or in the mountains by hunters.

Asian black bears are listed as vulnerable, but not critically so, and it is legal to eat bear in Japan.

"Bear meat isn't very common so we want tourists who come to visit the town to buy it," Sato said. »

Nordic media reveals Russia's secret operations in waters around their states

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Source: Joint investigation by public broadcasters in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, as reported by European Pravda.

Russian intelligence activities were revealed when the Scandinavian broadcasting companies DK, NRK, SVT and Yle examined information about radio traffic and the location of Russian ships around their states.

According to the investigation, Russian "ghost ships" are floating in the waters of Northern Europe. »

Media: Russia possibly preparing to sabotage wind turbines, gas pipes, power cables in Nordic countries

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Russia may be preparing to sabotage wind farms, gas pipelines, and power and internet cables in the waters around Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden, Danish media outlet DR Nyheder reported on April 19.

Intercepted radio communications from the Russian navy revealed the presence of "ghost ships" in Nordic waters, including the Russian naval vessel the "Admiral Vladimirsky," which is officially used for marine research.

Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden have all provided considerable military and financial aid to Ukraine in Russia's all-out war against the country. »

G7 backs Taiwan after Emmanuel Macron’s comments sparked backlash

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