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Wednesday April 19th, 2023 evening edition

image for Nordic media reveals Russia's secret operations in waters around their states

Source: Joint investigation by public broadcasters in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, as reported by European Pravda.

Russian intelligence activities were revealed when the Scandinavian broadcasting companies DK, NRK, SVT and Yle examined information about radio traffic and the location of Russian ships around their states.

According to the investigation, Russian "ghost ships" are floating in the waters of Northern Europe.

These vessels have turned off their so-called AIS transmitters and are not reporting their location.

Officially, it is engaged in marine research, but sources say that it is also used for reconnaissance work.

A Danish counterintelligence officer told reporters that the Russian Federation is preparing sabotage plans in case of a complete conflict with the West.

The head of Norwegian intelligence told investigators that this military programme is essential for Russia and is controlled directly by Moscow. »

2 Texas cheerleaders shot after getting into wrong car in parking lot

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Two Texas cheerleaders were shot after one of them said they had mistakenly got into the wrong car in a parking lot after practice, authorities said.

Pedro Tello Rodriguez Jr. has been charged in connection with the shooting of two cheerleaders in a grocery store parking lot in Elgin, Texas, on April 18, 2023.

Payton Washington was injured in a shooting when one of her cheerleading teammates accidentally tried to enter the wrong car in a grocery store parking lot in Elgin, Texas, on April 18, 2023. »

G7 backs Taiwan after Emmanuel Macron’s comments sparked backlash

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Man woke up to find his dog had chewed his toe 'to the bone'

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A retired builder has told how he woke up in horror to find that his pet puppy had chewed his big toe 'to the bone.'

The bone in his toe had been fractured by his seven-month-old bulldog puppy Harley as he slept and his toe nail left hanging off.

David, who suffers from diabetes, said: "I was asleep on the couch when my wife walked in and shouted, 'Dave, the puppy's chewing your toe!' »