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Saturday April 15th, 2023 day edition

image for Plastic-eating backyard fungi discovery boosts hopes for a solution to the recycling crisis

Key points: Sydney scientists have found two types of fungi can break down plastic.

Sydney scientists have found two types of fungi can break down plastic It's hoped the technology could be scaled up to degrade thousands of tonnes each year.

It took 90 days for the fungi to degrade 27 per cent of the plastic tested, and about 140 days to completely break it down, after the samples were exposed to ultraviolet rays or heat.

The challenge for researchers will be expanding any possible solution to address the nation's mounting piles of soft plastic.

The collapse of the national REDcycle scheme last year exposed big problems with Australia's plastic recycling systems and left most Australians without a way to recycle soft plastic.

The fungi, usually found in plants and soil, took 90 days to degrade 27 per cent of the plastic tested.

Loading... That should also be a consideration for scientists in the fungi experiment, according to Colin Jackson from the Australian National University. »

Judge rejects Trump's bid to learn juror names at defamation trial

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Kaplan said the law was "abundantly clear" it was his choice whether to use questionnaires, and nothing has changed his decision to seat an anonymous jury at the April 25 trial, reflecting the threat of juror harassment.

The trial concerns whether Trump defamed her in October 2022 by saying the rape claim was a "hoax" and "lie" and that she was not his "type.".

She is separately suing Trump for defamation over his June 2019 denial that the dressing room encounter happened. »

Cult Members Found Starved to Death in Forest After Fasting for Jesus

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Police in Nairobi attempted to rescue the suspected religious cult members from a forest where they were starving themselves on April 13, according to a Capital News report.

Four people have died in Kenya after starving themselves to see Jesus, on the alleged orders of their preacher, according to reports.

Authorities also suspect there is a mass grave in the forest where other cult members are buried. »

Italy’s State of Emergency on Migration: how did we get here, and what happens next?

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On April 11, 2023, Italy declared a state of emergency to tackle the surge of immigration since the start of the year.

But Italy’s state of emergency will not quell the flow of people seeking refuge across the Mediterranean.

Italy continues to conduct push-back operations and expedited repatriations to these countries, a process that will be streamlined even further under Meloni’s new emergency powers. »

Capitol rioter who crushed officer with shield gets 7 years

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McCaughey struck a second officer with the shield before another officer sprayed him with a chemical irritant, backing him away.

The 10-year prison sentence was for retired New York City police officer Thomas Webster , who was convicted by a jury of assaulting a Metropolitan Police Department officer with a metal flagpole.

Asked for his reaction to McCaughey’s sentence, Officer Hodges said it depends on what happens when his assailant is released from prison. »