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Saturday April 15th, 2023 morning edition

image for Capitol rioter who crushed officer with shield gets 7 years

“Your actions are some of the most egregious crimes that were committed on that dark day,” the judge told McCaughey.

McCaughey, of Ridgefield, Connecticut, expressed shame for joining the mob of then-President Donald Trump’s supporters who “violated” the Capitol.

McCaughey’s 90-month sentence matches the second longest prison sentence so far for a Capitol riot defendant.

Nine people, including McCaughey, were charged together with joining one of the most brutal clashes at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

McCaughey struck a second officer with the shield before another officer sprayed him with a chemical irritant, backing him away.

The 10-year prison sentence was for retired New York City police officer Thomas Webster , who was convicted by a jury of assaulting a Metropolitan Police Department officer with a metal flagpole.

Asked for his reaction to McCaughey’s sentence, Officer Hodges said it depends on what happens when his assailant is released from prison. »

Cult Members Found Starved to Death in Forest After Fasting for Jesus

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Police in Nairobi attempted to rescue the suspected religious cult members from a forest where they were starving themselves on April 13, according to a Capital News report.

Four people have died in Kenya after starving themselves to see Jesus, on the alleged orders of their preacher, according to reports.

Authorities also suspect there is a mass grave in the forest where other cult members are buried. »

Liz Cheney says Greene should lose security clearance for defending suspect in Pentagon docs leak

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Former Rep. Liz Cheney said Thursday that GOP firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene should not have a security clearance after Greene defended the Air National Guardsman suspected of leaking a trove of classified documents.

Cheney responded in a post on Twitter, saying, "Marjorie Taylor Greene makes clear yet again that she cannot be trusted with America’s national security information and should not have a security clearance of any kind.".

Greene, a member of the Homeland Security Committee, said on Twitter that “Jake Teixeira is white, male, christian, and antiwar. »