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Sunday April 2nd, 2023 morning edition

image for Fencing event in France canceled after Russians readmitted

Four national fencing federations say the International Fencing Federation has voted to allow athletes from Russia and its ally Belarus to resume competing in international events.

They have been excluded for more than a year because of the invasion of Ukraine.

The decision appears to allow Russians and Belarusians to compete for qualifying spots for next year’s Paris Olympics.

FILE - Fencers compete in the men's individual semifinal Sabre competition at the 2020 Summer Olympics, on July 24, 2021, in Chiba, Japan.

PARIS (AP) — A fencing World Cup in France was canceled on Friday after the international governing body voted to let Russians compete. »

Judge orders books removed from Texas public libraries due to LGBTQ and racial content must be replaced within 24 hours

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A federal judge in Texas ruled that at least 12 books removed from public libraries by Llano County officials, many because of their LGBTQ and racial content, must be placed back onto shelves within 24 hours, according to an order filed Thursday.

“Although libraries are afforded great discretion for their selection and acquisition decisions, the First Amendment prohibits the removal of books from libraries based on either viewpoint or content discrimination,” Pitman said.

The fight to protect access to books comes amid a book banning boom, with an alarming increase in attempts to censor books in K-12 schools, universities and public libraries. »

A Christian store is stocking a Lamb Of God mug unaware they're a heavy metal band, and guitarist Mark Morton is not happy

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In fact, in Christian terminology, 'Lamb of God' is another term for Jesus, who, like a sacrificial lamb or animal, was allegedly sacrificed for the sins of humankind.

Great mug showing the Ashes of the Wake album cover of the secular heavy metal band, Lamb of God.

As Loudwire point out, this isn't the first time Lamb Of God have been accidentally represented by a Christian organisation. »

Cocaine use has risen across Europe, study shows

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LISBON, March 22 (Reuters) - Cocaine use has increased across Europe, an EU-wide wastewater study showed on Wednesday, with the highest levels of residues found in Belgium, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands.

It analysed samples collected over a one-week period between March and April last year for traces of cocaine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDMA/ecstasy, ketamine and cannabis and found drug-use was greater than in previous studies.

More than half of the 66 European cities with data for 2021 and 2022 recorded increases in cocaine residues. »