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Sunday March 5th, 2023 night edition

image for Florida courts could take 'emergency' custody of kids with trans parents or siblings — even if they live in another state

Florida Senate Bill 254 would grant courts emergency custody of kids who receive gender-affirming care.

The bill, introduced Friday, would also allow the courts to modify out-of-state custody agreements.

The bill would grant officials authority under the law that protects kids from domestic violence.

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Senate Bill 254, introduced Friday by State Senator Clay Yarborough, would grant the court authority to take emergency custody of kids under the same statute that protects them from domestic violence and abuse.

"The bill goes even further to violate interstate comity by authorizing the courts to vacate child custody determinations of other courts only if the child is trans. »

The ‘Rainbow Bridge’ has comforted millions of pet parents. Who wrote it?

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Starting in 1995, Koudounaris found records of 15 separate claims filed under the title “Rainbow Bridge” with the United States Copyright Office.

He had found Clyne-Rekhy’s name after seeing reference in an online chat group to an Edna “Clyde” from Scotland who allegedly wrote the poem when her son’s dog died.

“Its enduring popularity shows how relationships to pets matter to so many people across all walks of life,” she says. »

Fable Is “Miles Away”, As It Only Entered Full Production Recently – Rumor

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During the latest episode of the VGC podcast, Andy Robison, who proved extremely reliable in the past, revealed that Fable is still miles away, as it only entered full production recently.

Fable isn't the only Xbox Game Studios title mentioned during the latest episode of the VGC Podcast.

As mentioned above, it has been some time since Fable got announced, and very little has been said about the next entry in the series. »

China's ban on female lingerie models leads to lingerie-wearing male models in shopping livestreams

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Lingerie-wearing male models have recently become a growing trend in Chinese e-commerce broadcasts after the government imposed a ban on women modeling lingerie on livestreams.

The ban, which is being implemented under China's law against spreading obscene online material, has resulted in the closure of businesses that employed female lingerie models.

After one online shopping streamer replaced its models with male models in December, many businesses have since followed suit, effectively circumventing the ban. »

Justice Department Launches Marijuana Pardon Certificate Application

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In October, Biden issued a proclamation granting a pardon to people who have committed cannabis possession offenses under federal law and in Washington, D.C.

That could be useful for those whose prior convictions are preventing them from obtaining jobs or housing, for example.

“Those who were pardoned on Oct. 6, 2022, are eligible for a certificate of pardon,” the Justice Department said. »