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Saturday March 4th, 2023 evening edition

image for Rupert Murdoch, Fox Corp. Sued For Sharing Biden’s Presidential Ads Before They Aired

A complaint has been filed against Fox Corp. and chairman Rupert Murdoch over allegations that the network chief gave confidential information in 2020 to former president Donald Trump’s campaign.

A filing in Dominion Voting System’s defamation suit against Fox included claims that Murdoch gave Kushner a preview of Biden’s ads before they were public.

The Federal Election Campaign Act prohibits campaign contributions from corporations, including direct or indirect gits of money or services.

The FEC considers information about advertising, messaging and other campaign strategy a contribution, according to the complaint.

While there are press exemptions for violations of the FEC Act, the suit alleges that Fox wasn’t acting as a press entity.

It stresses that the ads hadn’t aired at the time Murdoch provided the information to Kushner and that the ads were covertly shared to hide the alleged misconduct.

Fox and the White House didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. »

The ‘Rainbow Bridge’ has comforted millions of pet parents. Who wrote it?

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Starting in 1995, Koudounaris found records of 15 separate claims filed under the title “Rainbow Bridge” with the United States Copyright Office.

He had found Clyne-Rekhy’s name after seeing reference in an online chat group to an Edna “Clyde” from Scotland who allegedly wrote the poem when her son’s dog died.

“Its enduring popularity shows how relationships to pets matter to so many people across all walks of life,” she says. »

China's ban on female lingerie models leads to lingerie-wearing male models in shopping livestreams

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Lingerie-wearing male models have recently become a growing trend in Chinese e-commerce broadcasts after the government imposed a ban on women modeling lingerie on livestreams.

The ban, which is being implemented under China's law against spreading obscene online material, has resulted in the closure of businesses that employed female lingerie models.

After one online shopping streamer replaced its models with male models in December, many businesses have since followed suit, effectively circumventing the ban. »

Vandoliers Play Tennessee Concert in Dresses to Protest State’s New Drag Bill

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“Gonna auction off the dresses we wore onstage in Tennessee tonight and donate the money to a couple of LGBTQ charities in this state.”.

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Vandoliers and Joshua Ray Walker will play Atlanta’s Center Stage on Friday night and New York’s Brooklyn Made on March 8. »

Ukraine Calls Bakhmut "Critical," More Russians Attacking Than Ammo

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A Ukrainian commander said fighting in Bakhmut is "critical" and there are more Russians than ammo.

Reuters reported that Nazarenko told the radio station that Ukrainian soldiers in Bakhmut have less ammo than there are Russian troops attacking the city.

A retired US Marine fighting alongside Ukrainian forces said a fighter's life expectancy on the front lines in Bakhmut was around 4 hours. »