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Wednesday March 1st, 2023 morning edition

image for Finland begins building 200-kilometre fence along Russian border

Finland has begun constructing its planned 200-kilometre fence on the Russian border, amid fears within Helsinki that Moscow could use migrant flows at the frontier for political purposes.

The fence is expected to cost about $597 million Russia and Finland share a 1,300 kilometre border.

Russia and Finland share a 1,300 kilometre border The fence is designed to stop large-scale illegal entries from Russian territory.

In total, Finland plans to fence 200 kilometres of its 1,300-kilometre border with Russia at a cost of about 380 million euros ($597 million).

The fence will be over 3 metres tall, with barbed wire at the top and particularly sensitive areas equipped with night-vision cameras, lights and loudspeakers.

Finland's fence on its Russian border will cost an estimated $597 million.

He said the border fence was "indispensable" to stop large-scale illegal entries from Russian territory. »

Amy Coney Barrett joins liberal Supreme Court justices in scrutinizing a student-loan company's involvement in one of the lawsuits blocking Biden's debt relief

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Amy Coney Barrett questioned whether a group of GOP-led states have standing to block Biden's student-debt relief.

The court's three liberal justices also focused on standing during Tuesday's oral arguments.

Barrett scrutinized the relationship between Missouri and MOHELA, repeatedly questioning whether the states could sue the Biden administration over the debt relief. »

VW wouldn’t help locate car with abducted child because GPS subscription expired

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"Unfortunately, there was a delay, as Volkswagen Car-Net would not track the vehicle with the abducted child until they received payment to reactivate the tracking device in the stolen Volkswagen.".

According to a Chicago Sun-Times article, "the Car-Net trial period had ended, and a representative wanted $150 to restart the service and locate the SUV."

Volkswagen said there was a "serious breach" of its process for working with law enforcement in the Lake County incident. »

Kremlin, on China Plan, Says No Conditions for Peace ‘At the Moment’ in Ukraine

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China has sought to position itself as a neutral party in the conflict while maintaining close ties with strategic ally Russia.

Beijing last week called for peace talks as it released a 12-point paper to end the war in Ukraine, which included respect of all countries' territorial sovereignty.

Zelensky also said he was convinced that only a country whose territory is under attack can initiate "any peace initiatives.". »

IO Interactive is developing a new online fantasy RPG

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And more importantly, it has allowed us to build a bond with our community that has supported us ever since.

We are building a new world, a new IP – an online fantasy RPG.

From the “Fighting Fantasy” books compelling you to choose your path, alone, against wizards, lizards, and thief kings. »