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Thursday February 23rd, 2023 night edition

image for Biden vows to 'defend literally every inch of NATO' territory: 'Article 5 is a sacred commitment'

The trip is taking place nearly one year to the day after Russia invaded Ukraine, kicking off a war that continues to rage on.

While pointing out the other nations' role in fending off a Russian threat, Biden made it perfectly clear that the U.S. will be there with them if any NATO member is attacked.

"The commitment of the United States to NATO – I’ve said it to you many times, and I’ll say it again, – is absolutely clear.

Article 5 is a sacred commitment the United States has made," Biden said.

"We will defend literally every inch of NATO.

Biden said that with Russia continuing its offensive, "what literally is at stake is not just Ukraine, it's freedom.".

We don’t know when the war will end, but when it does, we need to ensure that history does not repeat itself. »

Poll: Biden's standing improves, while Trump slumps with Republican voters

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Poll: Biden's standing improves, while Trump slumps with Republican voters.

And there are clear pictures emerging of who potential Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis voters are, as a majority of potential Republican voters continue to say they would be better off with someone other than Trump at the top of the ticket.

That's actually a slight improvement for Trump, considering 35% in November said Trump would give them the best chance at winning. »

Family of unarmed man shot and killed by deputy as students walked past outside school sues sheriff's office

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Body camera video shows students walking past: The incident happened as school was letting out.

Richard Ward, 32, was at the school to pick up his younger brother, Sallinger says.

The Post quotes Killmer as saying, ""Richard Ward's death is a profound injustice — an unarmed, cooperative citizen shot and killed in front of his mother by a Pueblo County sheriff's deputy. »

Fla. lawyer argues pregnant inmate’s fetus is being illegally detained

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A few months after becoming pregnant, Natalia Harrell sat in a corrections van without air conditioning, according to a recent petition in Florida’s appellate courts.

The allegations are part of a writ of habeas corpus Harrell’s attorney filed last week in Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal.

While habeas corpus filings typically allege that a person is being illegally detained, Harrell’s lawyer has instead argued that it is Harrell’s fetus who is being improperly jailed, as first reported by the Miami Herald. »