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Wednesday February 22nd, 2023 evening edition

image for Family of unarmed man shot and killed by deputy as students walked past outside school sues sheriff's office

Body camera video shows students walking past: The incident happened as school was letting out.

The mother of the man who was shot was also there.

The incident occurred in a parking lot of the Liberty Point International Middle School on Feb. 22, 2022.

Richard Ward, 32, was at the school to pick up his younger brother, Sallinger says.

He got out of the car to stretch his legs, then was seen trying to get into a car he thought was his -- but it wasn't.

The Post quotes Killmer as saying, ""Richard Ward's death is a profound injustice — an unarmed, cooperative citizen shot and killed in front of his mother by a Pueblo County sheriff's deputy.

This was nothing short of state-sanctioned murder of a citizen who should not have been even arrested, let alone killed in broad daylight.". »

EU climate czar: Putin’s war accelerated green transition

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The European Union climate czar says Russia President Vladimir Putin has unwittingly accelerated the green transition of the 27-nation bloc with its devastating war in Ukraine, as the EU cut its dependencies to Russian fossil fuels and boosted renewables over the past year.

BRUSSELS (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin unwittingly accelerated the European Union’s green transition with his war in Ukraine , with the 27-nation bloc reducing its dependency on Russian fossil fuels and increasing its renewable energy use over the past year, the EU’s climate czar said Tuesday.

Follow AP’s coverage of the war in Ukraine at and of tje climate and environment at »

Fla. lawyer argues pregnant inmate’s fetus is being illegally detained

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A few months after becoming pregnant, Natalia Harrell sat in a corrections van without air conditioning, according to a recent petition in Florida’s appellate courts.

The allegations are part of a writ of habeas corpus Harrell’s attorney filed last week in Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal.

While habeas corpus filings typically allege that a person is being illegally detained, Harrell’s lawyer has instead argued that it is Harrell’s fetus who is being improperly jailed, as first reported by the Miami Herald. »

Heinz wants to find the man who survived nearly a month at sea with nothing but ketchup and seasonings to help him buy a new boat

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After they learned that a man survived nearly a month at sea with nothing but ketchup and seasonings, the company said it wants to find him to help him buy a new boat.

"To whoever finds this message, we need your help tracking down an amazing man with an amazing story.

Well, Heinz wants to celebrate his safe return home and help him buy a new boat...but we can't seem to find him," the company said. »

Leaked document reveals alleged Kremlin plan to take over Belarus by 2030

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A leaked document reveals an alleged Kremlin plan to take control over Belarus by 2030.

According to the leaked document, Russia’s end goal is to finalize the merger of Russia and Belarus into a Moscow-run Union State by 2030.

The first part of the leaked document lays out the Kremlin’s goals in phases: short-term (2022), mid-term (2025), and long-term (2030). »