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Saturday February 18th, 2023 evening edition

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KYODO NEWS - 19 hours ago - 08:26 | All, Japan.

The Japanese government plans to criminalize sex with children under age 16 by raising the legal age of consent from 13, part of the country's Penal Code reforms, which critics say are long overdue and urgently needed to protect vulnerable minors from sexual offenses.

Japan's current age of consent, which has remained unchanged since its enactment in 1907, is one of the lowest among developed nations.

There have been calls to raise it to better reflect reality as sexual exploitation of minors has increasingly come into focus.

The age of consent is at least 16 in the United States, 16 in Britain, and 14 in Italy and China.

The government aims to submit an amendment to the Penal Code during the current parliamentary session.

No. of serious sex offenses in Japan rises sharply in 2022. »

Over 30,000 Wagner Group fighters killed or injured in Ukraine, U.S. says

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The latest: Fighting in eastern Ukraine continues as Russian forces make minor gains in their attempt to encircle the city of Bakhmut.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has asked Western allies for fighter jets as Russia mounts a spring offensive.

Western allies agreed to a new wave of elaborate weapons, including Leopard tanks, hoping it may change the balance on the battlefield. »

Investigate the LDS Church for tax fraud, IRS whistleblower urges U.S. Senate

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The whistleblower also explains why he is calling on the Senate to investigate, arguing that the committee’s failure to do so would be a disservice to law-abiding taxpayers.

Nielsen’s Senate filing is “purely a publicity stunt,” tweeted Sam Brunson, a Latter-day Saint and a tax law professor at Loyola University Chicago.

Nielsen’s memo emerges as the church also faces increased scrutiny over its finances and charitable giving in Canada and Australia. »

Japan recounted its islands. Now geographers say there may be 7,000 more of them

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The number of islands in Japan is expected to more than double after 7,000 new islands it didn't know existed were discovered.

The nation currently comprises 6,852 islands, but that figure dates back to a 1987 study conducted by the Japan Coast Guard.

The news is part of a report that the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan is expected to release next month. »