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Thursday February 9th, 2023 morning edition

image for A secret Russian satellite has broken apart in orbit, creating a cloud of debris that could last a century

A secretive Russian satellite broke apart in Earth's orbit, the US Space Force said on Monday.

The satellite's possible explosion-induced debris field could last a century, according to NASA.

A mysterious Russian satellite with a shady mission has broken apart in Earth's orbit, creating a hazardous cloud of debris zipping around the planet and menacing other satellites, US Space Force announced.

The 18th Space Defense Squadron said on Twitter Monday that it had confirmed a satellite called Kosmos 2499 had broken apart into 85 pieces.

Previous collisions and satellite break-ups have created far larger and more hazardous debris fields than this.

For nearly half a year, this mystery satellite trailed its rocket stage and maneuvered up close to it repeatedly.

The company tweeted that its early data "points toward a low intensity explosion," likely from the satellite's propulsion system. »

Charles Silverstein, who helped declassify homosexuality as illness, dies at 87

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Dr. Silverstein spent decades of his life — as an activist, a psychologist and an author — advancing the cause of gay rights.

“I argued that these men were not ashamed because they were homosexual but because of what these therapists were telling them.”.

Ten months later, in December 1973, the APA voted to remove homosexuality from the official list of mental disorders. »

Texas man arrested for stealing 2 monkeys from Dallas Zoo says he'll do it again if released, court documents show

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Irvin, who remained jailed Tuesday on $25,000 bond, was arrested last week after asking questions at a downtown Dallas aquarium about animals there.

Dallas Police, with the help of the Lancaster Police Department, located the two missing tamarin monkeys from the Dallas Zoo at an abandoned home in Lancaster.

The monkeys have been returned to the zoo. — Dallas Police Dept (@DallasPD) February 1, 2023. »