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Thursday February 9th, 2023 night edition

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Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan met in Moscow with Nikolai Patrushev, an ultra-hawkish adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Once home, the two Americans informed U.S. President Joe Biden that Moscow had made up its mind.

As a result, Russia was shocked when its troops ran into a determined Ukraine backed by Western intelligence and weapons.

But as the war drags on into its second year, analysts must not focus only on Russia’s failures.

Russia has still not been able to break Ukraine’s will to fight or impede the West’s materiel and intelligence support.

Over a decade ago, Moscow deliberately dismantled its army and turned it into a smaller force designed for rapid response operations.

As part of this process, Russia replaced sizable Soviet divisions designed to fight major land wars with less-cumbersome brigades and battalion tactical groups (BTGs). »

Ukraine succeeds in bringing back 128 children forcibly removed to Russia

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Ukraine has succeeded in bringing back 128 children forcibly taken by the invaders to Russia.

Source: Yuliia Usenko, Head of the Department for the Protection of the Interests of Children and Combating Violence of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, quoted by Ukrinform.

Quote: "We have managed to bring 128 children back to Ukraine. »

Hogwarts Legacy breaks Twitch record amid streamer boycott

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Hogwarts Legacy has already smashed a Twitch record with the most live viewers for a single-player game ever on the platform, despite a streamer boycott.

Twitch Hogwarts Legacy hit over one million viewers on Twitch.

At the time this screenshot was captured, xQc was the top Hogwarts Legacy streamer online with over 108,000 live viewers. »

Texas man arrested for stealing 2 monkeys from Dallas Zoo says he'll do it again if released, court documents show

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Irvin, who remained jailed Tuesday on $25,000 bond, was arrested last week after asking questions at a downtown Dallas aquarium about animals there.

Dallas Police, with the help of the Lancaster Police Department, located the two missing tamarin monkeys from the Dallas Zoo at an abandoned home in Lancaster.

The monkeys have been returned to the zoo. — Dallas Police Dept (@DallasPD) February 1, 2023. »

On order from Trump, Republicans throw a hissy fit during Biden's State of the Union

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The pundits all called for the smelling salts and Wilson was later reprimanded by Congress and subsequently issued an apology.

Fourteen years later, Republican Marjorie Taylor Green told Wilson to hold her beer and went on a screaming tirade during President Joe Biden's State of the Union.

And the Georgia representative was not alone in repeatedly screaming "liar" and "you lie" during Biden's address last night. »