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Monday January 30th, 2023 evening edition

image for Ethiopia’s forgotten war is the deadliest of the 21st century, with around 600,000 civilian deaths

Very few reporters were able to find a way around the Ethiopian government’s blanket ban access to the region.

Placing a precise figure on the number of deaths caused by the war is difficult, as both sides tend to either exaggerate or play down fatalities.

However, taking into account the estimated numbers, the war in Ethiopia is one of the deadliest of the 21st century.

In Syria, for example, the UN Office for Human Rights claims the decade-long war (2011-2021) had caused 307,000 direct casualties.

During the war, agriculture in Tigray, which in peacetime is a region on the verge of self-sufficiency, was severely affected.

Although a detailed count will be very difficult to obtain, their estimate of up to 600,000 civilian deaths aligns with figures from international agencies.

Some academics have even suggested the Tigray blockade could be considered a genocide, although there is no consensus on this. »

Police chief placed on administrative leave after officers raid family’s house in Galveston, city announces

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GALVESTON, Texas – The city of Galveston’s police chief has been placed on administrative leave as an investigation into a raid at a family’s home begins.

Police Chief Doug Balli has been placed on a 10-day administrative leave by the city manager.

As the investigation continues, Assistant Police Chief Andre Mitchell will serve as acting chief of the department. »

PlayStation kicks off new year with increased supply of PS5 consoles, new spot

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To all our fans: thank you for your patience as we navigated unprecedented demand for the PS5 console amid global challenges.

For players in the U.S., U.K, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, be sure to check to purchase a PS5 console, games, and accessories directly from PlayStation.

Today, we are celebrating our PS5 community and inviting more players to join the fun with our new spot, “Live from PS5.” »

CBS News pressed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy about Rep. George Santos' credibility, but he clashed with the reporter and sidestepped the question by talking about how 'Congress is broken'

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House Speaker Kevin McCarthy avoided specific questions about Rep. George Santos on CBS News on Sunday.

McCarthy granted Santos two committee seats, despite Santos being caught in lies about his work and life history.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy side-stepped a question – and got called out for it – about the credibility of embattled Rep. George Santos, instead detailing to CBS News all the ways in which Congress is "broken.". »