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Thursday January 26th, 2023 evening edition

image for George Santos Fraudulent Signature Could Be Final Nail in Coffin

George Santos has been accused of listing a man as his campaign financier against his wishes and using his signature without consent, in the latest controversy to hit the New York House Republican.

However, speaking to ABC News Datwyler's attorney, Derek Ross, said Santos had been informed Datwyler wouldn't be taking the position on Monday.

Ross said: "On Monday, we informed the Santos campaign that Mr. Datwyler would not be serving as treasurer.

"It appears that there's been a disconnect between that conversation and the filings today, which we did not authorize.".

Marc E. Elias, a lawyer who previously worked for a number of senior Democrats, urged past treasurers for Santos' campaign to "get lawyers.".

I would suggest that all of the treasurers, potential treasurers, past and future treasurers, and alleged treasurers for Santos' campaigns get lawyers asap.".

However, McCarthy has said Santos will be removed from office if found to have "broken the law," making the claim he used Datwyler's signature without his consent potentially explosive. »

Fireball Cinnamon Faces Lawsuit Over Mini-Bottles That Don’t Contain Whiskey – NBC Bay Area

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Made by parent company Sazerac, Fireball Cinnamon is a suite of products that include malt-based and wine-based alcoholic beverages made to “capture the essence” of the original Fireball Cinnamon Whisky — but don’t contain any actual whiskey.

Lawyers for the plaintiff provided images of both Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and Fireball Cinnamon for comparison.

Because of all this, Marquez says she purchased bottles of Fireball Cinnamon assuming that they contained whisky, which they do not. »

At least 20 people killed in clashes in Somaliland

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BOSASO, Somalia, Jan 1 (Reuters) - At least 20 people have been killed in Somalia's breakaway region of Somaliland in clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces over several days, according to a doctor at a public hospital.

Mohamed Farah, a doctor at Laascaanood Hospital, a public facility in Laascaanood, told Reuters at least 20 people had been killed and dozens injured.

Protesters are demanding that Somaliland cede control of the town to Puntland and also accuse security forces of failing to end insecurity in the town. »

Historia de un sorpaso militar que no fue: todo lo que pudimos aprender de Italia y no quisimos

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Y en las publicaciones especializadas encontrábamos relatos del desempeño del portaaeronaves Giussepe Garibaldi, comparado desfavorablemente frente al Príncipe de Asturias español.

Tiempos en que la revista estadounidense Time ilustraba un artículo sobre la expansión empresarial española en Hispanoamérica con ejecutivos con morrión de conquistador.

Estaba en la región como parte de un despliegue europeo para dar escolta a buques civiles en el que no participa España. »