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Monday January 23rd, 2023 night edition

image for FBI warns of neo-Nazi plots as attacks on Northwest power grid spike

But as the FBI and extremism researchers have noted, neo-Nazis have been calling for just such attacks.

The incursion kicked off a rash of attacks on the Northwest power grid in 2022, according to public records obtained by OPB and KUOW.

Pacific Northwest utilities have reported a surge of attacks to the FBI in recent months.

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Several of the Northwest attacks incorporated a similar technique for knocking out power documented by police at the Morton substation in June.

North America’s far-flung power grid is currently fragile enough that it doesn’t take a sophisticated plot to quickly knock out power to thousands of people.

Utilities are required to have measures in place on their most critical assets to prevent cascading or uncontrolled power outages. »

DeSantis violated First Amendment by removing elected official, judge rules

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A federal judge ruled Friday that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis violated the First Amendment and the Florida Constitution by removing an elected state prosecutor from office, the Associated Press reports.

Warren alleged in a lawsuit that DeSantis violated his First Amendment rights.

Warren then sued DeSantis to get his job back, claiming that DeSantis violated the First Amendment. »

FromSoftware will host an hour-long Armored Core 6 showcase next month

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The long-rumored sequel was only just announced last month, so I'd say FromSoftware fans are eating well with the news of this appearance.

In case you're unfamiliar, Armored Core is a third-person shooter mecha series dating all the way back to 1997.

For more, check out our in-depth feature on what Armored Core 6 might look like in a post-Elden Ring world. »

Pet fish commits credit card fraud on owner using a Nintendo Switch

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Too funny: In a freak series of seemingly random events, a Switch owner's pet fish accessed his eShop account and added funds to it using his credit card.

The entire heist started as an experiment to see if fish could complete Pokémon Scarlet and Violet unassisted.

The fish free-for-all went on for seven hours in total before the future bait finally managed to power down the Switch. »

Lawmakers seek to bar insurrectionists from holding office

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A Connecticut bill would prohibit people convicted of sedition, rebellion, insurrection or a felony related to one of those acts from running for or holding public office.

There have been some earlier attempts to prevent certain officials from either running for or holding office.

In New Mexico, a state court in September disqualified a rural county commissioner from holding public office for engaging in the Capitol insurrection. »