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Monday January 9th, 2023 evening edition

image for Arsonists Set Themselves on Fire While Trying to Burn Down California Immigration Center

A video has surfaced of two arsonists setting themselves on fire while attempting to burn down an immigration services business in California.

Fox 11, which obtained footage of the fire taken from a Ring security camera, reports the incident took place on Monday morning at Servicio De Inmigración in Bakersfield.

The company provides immigration and naturalization services.

When one of the suspects attempts to ignite the fluid, a fire immediately engulfs both men.

Kern County Fire Department Captain Andrew Freeman, who responded to the fire, told KBAK that both suspects have not yet been caught.

“The footage is quite dramatic, and we hope that these individuals are identified quickly,” he said.

Meanwhile, the business owner, Max Solorzano, told Fox 11 the city needs to hold itself accountable for failing to protect its small businesses. »

Gov. Greg Abbott said Texas 'desperately needs more money' to address the border after spending millions on busing migrants to other parts of the country

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Abbott renewed his calls for the federal government to send funds to Texas to address the border.

Since April, Texas has spent millions of dollars busing migrants to places like DC and Chicago.

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas said Sunday during President Joe Biden's visit to the border that the state "desperately needs more money" to address the issue. »

Statue of Russian scientist removed in Dnipro as Ukraine wipes away Soviet history

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A bronze monument to Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov has been dismantled and removed from the central Ukrainian city of Dnipro.

It is the last statue associated with the Soviet era to be removed in Dnipro, after those depicting Alexander Pushkin and Russian soldier Alexander Matrosov were also torn down.

Cities across Ukraine have been taking down monuments to Russian figures and renaming streets since the invasion last February. »

The Satanic Temple dedicating 'largest satanic gathering in history' to Boston mayor, will require masks

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The Satanic Temple is dedicating the "largest satanic gathering in history" to Democratic Boston Mayor Michelle Wu after the group wasn't allowed to deliver a satanic invocation at Boston City Hall.

The Satanic Temple said it is dedicating the event to Wu "for her unconstitutional efforts to keep TST out of Boston’s public spaces."

The Satanic Temple filed a lawsuit in 2021 after multiple requests to deliver a satanic invocation at Boston City Hall were denied. »

The Long War in Ukraine

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So far, Washington and its allies have appropriately focused on the immediate tasks of helping Ukraine and avoiding escalation.

Meanwhile, the West was able to deliver, with suprising resolve and unity of purpose, a punishing economic blow to Russia.

In a long war strategy, the West will need to reinforce such contacts, even if there are very few points of agreement with Russia. »