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Monday January 9th, 2023 day edition

image for Utah's 'porn-sniffing dog' dies after putting numerous offenders behind bars

Weber County Sheriff's Office police service dog "URL," also known as "the porn-sniffing dog", died Dec. 30 after a life of successfully helping to put offenders behind bars.

OGDEN — After a life of sniffing out criminals, the retired "porn-sniffing dog" called URL died Dec. 30.

Weber County Sheriff's Office's "URL" was the fourth dog in the country to be certified and trained as an Electronic Storage Detection Canine.

It's been an unbelievable honor to have been the largest part of your unstable life.

The almost 8-year-old police dog recovered dozens of critical pieces of digital evidence that otherwise would have been overlooked.

Hartman also posted a farewell letter to URL on social media, detailing his gratitude for the K-9 and his sadness at his passing.

"Thank you, URL, for trusting me, for working so hard, for loving me unconditionally, and for being part of my family. »

If the Supreme Court strikes down student-loan forgiveness, it could have 'startling implications,' Biden says — and set a strange legal precedent going forward

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The DOJ said that ruling in favor of the states' argument could set a strange legal precedent.

A Missouri-based student-loan company has found itself at the center of a lawsuit blocking student-loan forgiveness — and President Joe Biden's administration said its role could set a strange legal precedent moving forward.

She added that the states' standing is questionable, and she's concerned of the legal precedent it would set should the Supreme Court rule in their favor. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene backs away from QAnon history saying she got ‘sucked into some things I’d seen on the internet’

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Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has more than most to celebrate as the new GOP majority takes power in the House of Representatives, and is doing all she can to engineer a Capitol Hill comeback as a result.

It’s a political and strategic victory for Ms Greene, who is rumoured to be a candidate for the powerful House Oversight Committee.

Mr Kurtz questioned her briefly about the issue, pressing Ms Greene on her past embrace of the conspiracies. »

The Long War in Ukraine

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So far, Washington and its allies have appropriately focused on the immediate task of helping Ukraine and avoiding escalation.

Meanwhile, the West was able to deliver, with suprising resolve and unity of purpose, a punishing economic blow to Russia.

In a long war strategy, the West will need to reinforce such contacts, even if there are very few points of agreement with Russia. »