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Tuesday December 27th, 2022 morning edition

image for Central bank chief urges firms to put up salaries 5-7%

Dutch central bank president Klaas Knot has called on companies to increase wages, saying their profits are enough to merit a decent pay rise.

A pay rise of between 5% and 7%, coupled with the government’s price ceiling on energy, would be enough to head off the impact of rising prices, Knot told television programme Nieuwsuur on Thursday evening.

‘We have done the calculations and we don’t want wages to decline further.

If you want to keep wages at the same level, then you need a pay rise of between 5% and 7%.

Trade, industry and transport are all making high profits, particularly those which have grown on cheap gas and labour, he said.

We have a structural shortage of labour, and both energy and workers will be in short supply in the coming years.’.

Knot was one of a group of economists to hold talks with ministers on Thursday about measures to offset the impact of high inflation. »

Final Fantasy XVI Trailer Was Running In Real-Time, Game Will Showcase Power of PS5

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The recent “Revenge” trailer for Final Fantasy XVI was running in real-time, and the developer claims that the game will showcase the power of the PS5.

During a special Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer stream, Naoki Yoshida said that everything seen in the recent “Revenge” trailer for Final Fantasy XVI was all real-time and that the game will showcase the power of the PS5 hardware.

He said that Final Fantasy XVI has now become a game that truly shows off what the PS5 hardware is capable of. »

Man Arrested After Racist, Homophobic Rant at San Ramon In-N-Out

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The suspect was identified by San Ramon's police chief as 40-year-old Jordan Douglas Krah, a Denver resident.

interviewed and a press release will be distributed later with additional arrest charges (if determined they are necessary).

On Sunday afternoon, San Ramon Police Chief Denton Carlson said on social media that police were seeking information about the suspect and posted a photo of a man in a silver Mustang, with Florida plates. »

White House assails Texas Governor Abbott over Christmas Eve migrant drop

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WASHINGTON, Dec 26 (Reuters) - The White House on Monday accused Texas Governor Greg Abbott of endangering lives after busloads of migrants from the southwest border in Texas were dropped near Vice President Kamala Harris' home in Washington, D.C., on a cold Christmas Eve.

The Republican Abbott, a vocal critic of Biden administration immigration policies, has not acknowledged the Christmas Eve drop and his office has not claimed responsibility.

"Governor Abbott abandoned children on the side of the road in below freezing temperatures on Christmas Eve without coordinating with any Federal or local authorities," White House spokesman Abdullah Hasan said in a statement. »

EU Council president calls for Russia’s suspension from UN Security Council

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EU Council president calls for Russia’s suspension from UN Security Council 23 December, 05:36 PM Charles Michel (Photo:REUTERS/Yves Herman).

I am not talking about the complete exclusion of Russia, but at least the suspension of Russia’s membership in the Security Council.”.

“Currently it is impossible (exclusion of Russia from the UN Security Council), it contradicts the very concept of UN security,” he noted. »