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Saturday December 10th, 2022 evening edition

image for U.S. lawmakers urge Biden to guarantee rail workers' sick leave

WASHINGTON, Dec 9 (Reuters) - More than 70 lawmakers including Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Friday urged President Joe Biden to take executive action to guarantee rail workers paid sick days.

On Dec. 2, Biden signed legislation to block a national U.S. railroad strike that could have devastated the American economy after some unions voted against the deal over a lack of paid sick leave.

The White House did not immediately comment on the lawmakers' letter, signed by 72 Democratic lawmakers and Sanders, an independent who caucuses with Democrats.

But Obama's order ultimately did not cover rail carriers "despite the fact that the Federal Government has hundreds of contracts with freight rail carriers.

You can and you must expand this executive order," the lawmakers told Biden.

"That fight isn't over," Biden said of the push for sick leave.

"Guaranteeing that workers are not operating trains or inspecting rail signals while sick or tired would fundamentally improve the safety of our national rail operations," the letter said. »

The Colosseum Is Reportedly The First Of A Series Of Planned DLC For Elden Ring

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Elden Ring recently received its Colosseum DLC update, but this is reportedly the first of a series of planned content for the From Soft game.

Well-known enthusiast of From Software titles Lance McDonald took to Twitter to share that the Colosseum DLC update that Elden Ring recently received is the first of a series of planned content for the title.

He added that the Colosseum DLC is called “DLC1” internally, and it was planned to be the first DLC since before the game’s release. »

How China lost its wolf pack: the fracturing of the emerging-power alliance at the WTO

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India then defected when its alliance with China, once an important source of strength in WTO negotiations, instead became a liability.

As a result, having lost its key allies at the WTO, China is increasingly isolated in multilateral trade negotiations.

The result is that China lost its key allies at the WTO, and now finds itself increasingly isolated within multilateral trade negotiations. »

Texas court dismisses case against doctor who violated state's abortion ban

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A Texas court dismissed a lawsuit Thursday against a doctor accused of providing an abortion to a woman despite the state's strict ban on the procedure.

Several overlapping Texas laws ban nearly all abortions, including in cases of rape or incest.

In this Oct. 8, 2022, file photo, abortion rights demonstrators chant and hold signs during a Women's March in Austin, Texas. »

Don’t Vote for Just One: Ranked Choice Voting Is Gaining Ground

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Voters in Alaska and a handful of other cities used ranked choice voting for the first time during this year’s midterms.

Ranked Choice Voting Survived Its Biggest Election Season Yet Quick View Ranked Choice Voting Survived Its Biggest Election Season Yet Local election officials say voter education and state law changes are needed.

Ranked choice is quickly growing, said Deb Otis, director of research at FairVote, a nonprofit that advocates for ranked choice voting nationwide. »