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Sunday November 6th, 2022 morning edition

image for GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Is Reportedly Coming To Steam

Not only was the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition a terrible launch at the start, but there is no update on perhaps the most anticipated game, GTA 6.

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is coming soon on Steam.

Although there is no official information regarding this by Steam or Rockstar Games, a data miner, Ben, revealed that some activity popped up with the GTA Trilogy on the Steam database again.

This tweet might not be enough for the fans to be sure that the GTA Trilogy is coming to Steam, But in the tweet, there is a Steam link given, and you can see that the games under GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition were added to the SteamDB on October 31, 2022.

In the past, many rumors were going on that GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is coming to Steam, but now, with this much information, we can believe that the game is coming to Steam soon, and we might hear the official news from Rockstar Games and Steam soon.

On the other hand, fans have been patiently waiting for GTA 6, but the patience is coming to an end for some fans, so hopefully, Rockstar Game will reveal some news regarding GTA 6 soon.

Aside from that, what do you think of the GTA Definitive Edition? »

Biden on people calling him a socialist: ‘Give me a break, what idiots’

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“No one ever doubts I mean what I say, sometimes of course I say all that I mean.”.

Following his visit to Illinois, Biden will head to Philadelphia for a rally with former President Obama to boost Democratic senatorial candidate John Fetterman.

He also traveled to New Mexico and California this week and will make stops in New York on Sunday and Maryland on Monday. »

ABC News Anchor Refers to Indigenous People as "Creatures" in Reference to Native American Heritage Month

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NEW YORK — During news coverage on Native American Heritage Month, ABC reporter Kyra Phillips referred to Indigenous people as “Indigenous creatures” on national television on Thursday.

“Celebrating Native American Heritage Month, when we come back we’ll take a look at Indigenous creatures taking Hollywood and pop-culture by storm,” Phillips said on yesterday’s broadcast.

Native Hoop Magazine posted on its social media today, defending the ABC News story about Native American Heritage Month. »

Recent Leaks Might Confirm Kojima Teasing Overdose In 2019

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Although the game is still unannounced, it has been subjected to a few leaks, making it almost official.

Not to mention, our talented team in TopTierList managed to find some exciting details leading us to believe that perhaps Hideo Kojima has been teasing us about Overdose since 2019.

Kojima has some of the best inspirations for his games, and therefore Overdose, and all his upcoming games will undoubtedly live up to that hype. »