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Thursday November 3rd, 2022 night edition

image for Herschel Walker on Barack Obama: ‘My resume against his resume, I’ll put it up any time of the day’

Senate hopeful Herschel Walker dared Barack Obama to compare resumes after the former president questioned Mr Walker’s credentials for leadership, calling him more of a "celebrity" than a politician.

Mr Obama campaigned for Mr Walker’s opponent, incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock, on Friday night in Georgia.

The former president also addressed what he called Mr Walker’s "issues of character" and "habit of not telling the truth."

Presenter Brian Kilmeade asked Mr Walker if he had ever met Mr Obama, and how he felt about the former president’s criticism.

"So I created businesses, I sit on a publicly traded board, so those are things I’ve done outside of football," Mr Walker said.

"But my resume against his resume I’d put it up any time of the day, and I think I’ve done well.

Once of the things I’d say to the people is that [Mr Obama] is not in Georgia voting. »

‘It’s over’: Jair Bolsonaro reportedly accepts defeat in Brazil election

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Jair Bolsonaro has reportedly thrown in the towel after his presidential election defeat in Brazil on Sunday, telling members of the supreme court: “It’s over.”.

When Bolsonaro finally appeared before the cameras on Tuesday afternoon, he failed to explicitly concede defeat or congratulate his vanquisher.

01:07 Brazil: Bolsonaro supporters block roads in protest against election defeat – video. »