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Wednesday November 2nd, 2022 evening edition

image for Jokes about Paul Pelosi aren’t just in bad taste. They normalize political violence | Arwa Mahdawi

A number of Republicans – people who like to preach to others about family values and civility – seem to find the recent attack on Paul Pelosi very amusing indeed.

“Imagine how safe the country would be if democrats took all violent crime as seriously as they’re taking the Paul Pelosi situation,” he posted.

Trump Jr, it should be said, can always be relied on to react to a situation in incredibly bad taste.

The only reason it’s worth mentioning his disgusting comments is because he wasn’t alone in mocking Pelosi.

Republicans should be united in their condemnation of politically motivated violence and pledge to find ways to turn down America’s political temperature.

It’s certainly true that there are unhinged people across the political spectrum and politicians from both sides have been targeted for violence.

Pelosi may be on the road to recovery, but American democracy is going down a very dark path. »

1,000 Russian soldiers killed in 24 hours as Ukraine strikes unequipped troops | 10 points

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By India Today Web Desk: Russia has suffered the largest number of casualties in a single day as Ukrainian troops targeted unequipped Russian soldiers, killing at least 1,000.

Ukraine's defence ministry has claimed that up to 71,200 Russian soldiers have so far been killed in the conflict.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded security guarantees from Ukraine after he accused Kyiv of using the grain corridor to attack Russian ships in Crimea. »

Moscow Opens the Way for Iran to Increase Its Influence in the Caucasus

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First and foremost, as Russia’s new ally against the West, Iran will enjoy increased influence, but that may just be the beginning.

Moscow gave Iran this new possibility because of its own need to find allies after its invasion of Ukraine led to a serious break with the West.

Tehran’s increasingly proactive stance on the Caucasus in its statements and actions even led one Moscow commentator, Stanislav Tarasov, to ask, “Is Iran returning to the Caucasus?” »