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Thursday October 27th, 2022 night edition

image for Darrell Brooks: Man who drove SUV into Waukesha Christmas parade found guilty of intentional homicide

Darrell Brooks was found guilty of six counts of first-degree intentional homicide on Wednesday for driving his SUV into a crowd of Christmas parade attendees in Waukesha, Wisconsin, last November, killing six people and wounding dozens more.

Yet as the stream of guilty verdicts were read Wednesday, he looked down, put his head on his hands and sat silently.

The trial comes less than a year after he drove a red SUV through the crowd in Waukesha’s Christmas parade on November 21, killing an 8-year-old boy and several members of the “Dancing Grannies” group.

Video Ad Feedback 'It was zooming': Man marching in parade describes SUV plowing through crowd 02:07 - Source: CNN.

In that case, he allegedly ran over a woman who said she’s the mother of his child, according to court documents.

In court, a series of videos and witnesses detailed the disturbing sights of the SUV ramming through the parade route.

That was intentional on his part, we truly believe that, he did everything he can except claim that the dog ate his homework. »

The SCO and the shape of the conflict to come | Vali Kaleji

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The first was the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), formed in 1992 and the second was the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in 2001.

The SCO has undergone several horizontal (expansion of members) and vertical (tasks and functions) evolutions since its inception in 2001.

At the present time, the SCO has 9 “main members”, including Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and Iran, as well as three “observer members” - Belarus, Mongolia, and Afghanistan. »

Attorney who fought Florida helmet laws died in motorcycle crash while not wearing one

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He represented clients who ran afoul of Florida’s motorcycle requirements in court cases that some say helped overturn Florida’s helmet law.

In August, Smith and his girlfriend, Brenda Jeanan Volpe, were riding a motorcycle on U.S. 19 in Pinellas County.

In states without helmet laws, 57% of motorcyclists who died in 2020 were not wearing a helmet compared to 11% of motorcyclists in states with helmet laws. »

Marjorie Taylor Greene Flees Interview After Callers Grill Her—'She's Gone'

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Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene abruptly left an appearance on a local TV show in which she was taking questions, prompting confusion from the hosts.

Just as the show cut out, Greene could be heard explaining that she had to leave, although the reason why was not broadcast.

When the program returned without the congresswoman, O'Neal said: "Well, we're back without Marjorie Taylor Greene... she's gone. »