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Monday October 17th, 2022 morning edition

image for This 33-year-old made more than 1,000 Wikipedia bios for unknown women scientists

Wade has written more than 1,600 Wikipedia entries for long-ignored women scientists, and she has firm beliefs on ideas on how to support girls interested in the field.

Wade gained notice when, still in her 20s, she began writing the Wikipedia biographies about women and minority scientists who never got their due — from employers, from other scientists, from the public.

As her Wikipedia entries climbed into the dozens, and then into the hundreds, she spoke and wrote more on gender equality in science.

She won awards and medals and was cited by Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia.

She told that they said a handful of the women she wrote up were not all that well-known.

She said girls don’t need “whiz-bang” experiments at school assemblies: visiting scientists do their show, pack up, depart and nothing changes.

Women in STEM earn $60,000 a year, compared to $85,000 for men, according to the American Association of University Women, a non-profit organization that focuses on equity for women. »

Hideki Kamiya, Creator of Bayonetta, Has Deleted His Twitter Account After Voice Actress Backlash [Update: He’s Back]

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Hideki Kamiya has deactivated his Twitter account following backlash from fans in regards to claims made by voice actress Hellena Taylor.

This morning, after his account was no longer restricted, Kamiya-san tweeted a few times before deleting his account entirely.

If you try to search his account by his handle, pg_kamiya, the page will tell you “This account doesn’t exist.”. »

A Young Man Became Allergic to Orgasms—but There's a Happy Ending

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In a recent case study, doctors describe the unfortunate tale of a man who developed an allergy-like reaction to his own orgasms.

There are many different illnesses that can affect a person’s sexual function, but POIS is especially rare.

The report describes an otherwise healthy 27-year-old man who first began to experience his symptoms at the age of 18. »

Russian troops kill Ukrainian musician for refusing role in Kherson concert

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Russian soldiers have shot dead a Ukrainian musician in his home after he refused to take part in a concert in occupied Kherson, according to the culture ministry in Kyiv.

“Would this be the time for Russian musicians, especially those living and working abroad, to finally step up and take a stand against the Russian regime’s actions in Ukraine?”.

I increasingly think that Russia is not only seeking to occupy Ukrainian territories, but also diligently destroying Ukrainian identity, an important part of which is Ukrainian culture.”. »