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Monday September 26th, 2022 morning edition

image for Gov. Greg Abbott said Texas' strict abortion law would 'eliminate all rapists.' But clinics say the number of rape cases has been 'consistently high': report

It comes as Gov. Greg Abbott pledged to "eliminate all rapists" as a result of the state's strict abortion law.

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Clinics in Texas say the number of rape cases has remained "consistently" high, despite Gov. Greg Abbott's assurance that the state's strict abortion law would "eliminate all rapists," according to The Associated Press.

The law has no exceptions for rape or incest — a restriction that abortion advocates and some in the GOP have condemned.

As The Texas Tribune reported last month the state's abortion trigger law was set in motion after SCOTUS overturned Roe.

Democrats recently slammed Abbott for his comments that insinuated rape victims should take a Plan B to avoid getting pregnant.

"With regard to reporting it to law enforcement, that will ensure that the rapist will be arrested and prosecuted. »

12-year-old Texas girl accused of shooting herself and her father in murder pact

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A 12-year-old girl in Weatherford, Texas, shot herself and her father last week in a murder pact she made with another girl to kill their families and pets, the Parker County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook.

Authorities alleged that the shootings were part of a murder plot the girl made weeks ago with another girl in Lufkin, about 230 miles southeast of Weatherford.

The girls planned to murder their families and pets and then run away together to Georgia, the sheriff's office alleged. »

World's oldest bodybuilder, 90, poses nude for 'Men's Health': 'People seem to be inspired by me'

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For the lifelong fitness aficionado, it was also an opportunity to educate other seniors on the importance of nourishing the relationships with their bodies.

“You have to be more careful when you’re training, and you can’t abuse it — your tendons have a tendency to want to detach.

In the past five years, my left bicep broke loose, and I had a little bit [of a] tear in my right bicep, too. »

Italy’s Election Paradox: Why America and the EU Should Root for a Far-Right Populist

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She is now shedding her formerly populist public image, instead presenting herself as something more like a traditional conservative.

However, other parties systematically excluded it from government, and the U.S.-aligned, centrist Christian Democratic Party dominated successive Italian governments.

By softening her formerly populist stance considerably over the past months, Meloni has shown that she understands the stakes. »