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Monday September 12nd, 2022 day edition

image for Amid Ukraine’s startling gains, liberated villages describe Russian troops dropping rifles and fleeing

Europe Amid Ukraine’s startling gains, liberated villages describe Russian troops dropping rifles and fleeing Ukrainian military vehicles travel on a main road in the Kharkiv Oblast region on Sept. 11.

A fast-moving Ukrainian counteroffensive pushed Russian forces into a stunning retreat from key strategic areas in the northeast Kharkiv region.

ZALIZNYCHNE, Ukraine — In the end, the Russians fled any way they could on Friday, on stolen bicycles, disguised as locals.

They have captured more territory in the past five days “than Russian forces have captured in all their operations since April,” its campaign assessment posted Sunday said.

The apparent collapse of the Russian forces has caused shock waves in Moscow.

“They were not monsters, they were kids,” said Matvienko, who once asked Russian troops to move the tank they parked in front of her house.

“We are not against the talks; we are not refusing the talks,” Lavrov said on the state TV program, “Moscow. »

A Black retiree won money at a casino and is suing bank after she says she was turned away while trying to deposit a check

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A Michigan retiree is suing a Detroit bank after she says employees refused to cash a check she received from a casino after winning a jackpot.

Lizzie Pugh told CNN she won more than $12,000 on a slot machine at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt.

Pugh’s complaint alleges she was told by three White bank employees at Fifth Third Bank that the check was “fraudulent.”. »

World's largest container line is rerouting its fleet to avoid collisions with endangered blue whales, the largest animals on earth

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Blue whales, which are endangered, grow to be 80 feet long and can live for 80 years.

The largest container line in the world has rerouted its ships passing near the coast of Sri Lanka in order to avoid potential collisions with endangered blue whales.

MSC became the largest container line in the world earlier this year, with a fleet capable of carrying 4.3 million standard 20-foot containers. »

Joker in disguise by deskimir

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Joker card disguised himself as Ace and attempts to become a King by killing all ranks in King's army one rank at a time.

Use your arrow keys to chase and dodge King's army!

It was suppose to be done in 3 hours, I needed a little more time(around five and a half). »