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Tuesday August 30th, 2022 night edition

image for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago documents already examined by FBI, Justice Dept. tells judge

Choose your plan ArrowRight The “filter team” used by the Justice Department to sort through the documents and weed out any material that should not be reviewed by criminal investigators has completed its review, the brief filed by Justice Department prosecutors says.

The filing came in response to a decision Saturday by U.S. District Judge Aileen M. Cannon to hold a hearing this week on Trump’s motion seeking the appointment of a special master.

The filing says prosecutors will provide more information later this week.

Trump’s legal team filed the request two weeks after the Aug. 8 search, calling the court-approved law enforcement action a “shockingly aggressive,” politically motivated raid.

Executive privilege is usually invoked to shield communications from Congress or the courts, not another department of the executive government, such as the Justice Department.

The Monday filing says only that the filter team has reviewed the documents for attorney-client privilege.

In her ruling Saturday, Cannon instructed the Justice Department to submit under seal a more detailed list of the materials taken by the FBI. »

Sixteen bison calves born to Banff herd this year

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BANFF – Banff’s bison herd has grown to between 85 and 90 animals after 16 bison calves were born in the spring.

Parks Canada officials say the herd is doing well, but will update in more detail on the progress later this year.

“Overall, the bison are doing well in the 1,200 square kilometre re-introduction zone,” said Kat Trivers, strategic communications advisor for Parks Canada, in a statement. »

Armed Forces of Ukraine break through first line of Russian defence in Kherson Oblast – Kakhovka Operational Group

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The Kakhovka Operational Group have published a video in which it is said that the Ukrainian army broke through the first line of Russian defence in Kherson Oblast.

Source: Kakhovka Operational Group; Ukrainska Pravda sources in the Ukrainian Armed Forces; Dom TV channel.

The operational group also published a video in which a Russian soldier complains that the Ukrainian Forces have broken through the first line of defence in Kherson Oblast. »

Ukraine says long-anticipated southern offensive has begun

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Command spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk confirmed the offensive in a news briefing and said it included the Kherson region.

Ukraine has regularly stated its intention to retake its south, and in particular the city of Kherson, the only regional capital that Russia has been able to capture from Ukraine since it invaded six months ago.

Humeniuk said at the briefing that recent strikes on Russia's southern logistical routes had "unquestionably weakened the enemy". »

Hillary Clinton Posts Old Dancing Photo in Solidarity With Finnish Prime Minister

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Hillary Clinton has a message for Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin: “Keep dancing.”.

Clinton showed her support for Marin after the Prime Minister faced backlash when footage of her singing and dancing with celebrities was leaked earlier this month.

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Put Out Fires, Rappel Down Cliff Faces and Talk to Celebs in First Trailer for ‘Gutsy’ (Video). »