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Monday August 29th, 2022 evening edition

image for Armed Forces of Ukraine break through first line of Russian defence in Kherson Oblast – Kakhovka Operational Group

The Kakhovka Operational Group have published a video in which it is said that the Ukrainian army broke through the first line of Russian defence in Kherson Oblast.

Source: Kakhovka Operational Group; Ukrainska Pravda sources in the Ukrainian Armed Forces; Dom TV channel.

Quote: "The 109th regiment of the so-called ‘DPR’ (Donetsk People's Republic) has withdrawn from its positions in Kherson Oblast, and the Russian elite Airborne, who supported them, fled the battlefield.".

The operational group also published a video in which a Russian soldier complains that the Ukrainian Forces have broken through the first line of defence in Kherson Oblast.

Ukrainska Pravda's sources have confirmed a breakthrough by the Ukrainian forces.

Another source in the southern group of the Armed Forces noted that there had been a breakthrough in some areas of the first line of Russian defence, but "it's too early to say anything in particular yet because it's a large front.".

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine have launched offensive actions on many fronts in Ukraine's South," reports Nataliya Humenyuk, the head of the Joint Press Centre of the Security and Defence Forces Pivden (South). »

“What Governor DeSantis Did Is Un-American and Undemocratic”: Four School Board Members Suspended Following Parkland Mass Shooting Report

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspended four elected Broward County school board members, following the recommendation of the grand jury asked to review the Parkland school’s safety guardrails after the 2018 mass shooting.

These board members “have shown a pattern of emboldening unacceptable behavior, including fraud and mismanagement,” the statement continued.

The grand jury found that the board members mismanaged a multimillion-dollar bond, which was approved by voters in 2014, for improving school safety and renovations. »

Soon electric vehicles could charge faster than your iPhone

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For many Americans, electric vehicles are alluring up until the point they think about taking it on a long road trip.

The mass adoption of electric vehicles will change everything we know about automobiles – from driving them to repairing them.

But the race to super charge electric vehicles has faced obstacles over the past decade. »

Inside Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered on PC - the Nixxes tech interview

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Watch on YouTube Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered on PC - here's the original Digital Foundry tech review.

Digital Foundry: Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered launched with ray traced reflections on PS5, using the proprietary Sony ray tracing API there and all that entails.

Digital Foundry: Beyond making it functional on PC, you also brought in enhancements over the PS5 version in terms of ray tracing. »

Dutch soldier shot in Indianapolis dies of his injuries

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Three members of the Dutch Commando Corps, who were training at the center, were shot outside their hotel in downtown Indianapolis early Saturday morning.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — One of three Dutch soldiers wounded in a shooting outside a hotel in downtown Indianapolis over the weekend has died, the Dutch Defense Ministry said Monday. »