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Sunday August 28th, 2022 evening edition

image for Lincolnshire Police says upsetting critics over Pride dance was 'worth it'

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Police's rural crime action team (RCAT) has said enduring the criticism for dancing at Lincoln Pride was 'worth it' in order to build trust with the community.

A video showing four Lincolnshire Police officers dancing the Macarena at the Pride event on Saturday, August 20 has proven controversial and attracted national attention on social media platforms.

It quickly went viral on both Facebook and Twitter, being watched more than one-and-a-half million times.

While many were supportive, others, such as political commentators Peter Hitchens and Julia Hartley-Brewer, criticised the officers for 'flouting' their responsibility.

But members of the force, including Chief Constable Chris Haward, are standing firm, saying community engagement is just as important as policing crime.

"We'd gladly meet with you and talk about why we feel such engagement, under those circumstances, was absolutely spot-on," he wrote.

Sir David Thompson, the chief constable of neighbouring West Midlands police, also stuck up for the four dancing officers and said he was "sick" of police "being used as a culture war football". »

A Nebraska Man Conducted An Active Shooter Drill. Employees Had No Idea.

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John Channels, of Omaha, was arrested and charged Tuesday with five counts of making terroristic threats and one weapons count.

The incident caused panic among the charity’s employees because they had not been informed it was a drill.

Catholic Charities held an active shooter drill earlier this year at an Omaha, Nebraska office but the organization did not inform employees that it was a drill. »

Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival queen ousted after attending luncheon

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The queen of the Bratwurst Festival in a northern Ohio city has been stripped of her crown and both the dethroned royal and festival organizers have retained legal counsel.

Brocwell attended a luncheon hosted by another festival, in violation of the Bratwurst Festival board's instructions, according to a letter from board president Adam Heinlen.

Both Brocwell and the festival board agree that she attended a queens' luncheon at the Baltimore Festival on Aug 6. »

South Korea risks a major population crash as the country marks its second consecutive year with the world’s lowest fertility rate

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South Korean women averaged 0.81 births during their lifetimes in 2021—the sixth straight year of decline, says Statistics Korea.

For example, Hong Kong had a fertility rate of 0.9 in 2020 while Singapore’s was at 1.1.

In 2020, South Korea experienced its first natural population decline as its number of deaths surpassed the number of newborns. »