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Monday May 23rd, 2022 night edition

image for Jen Psaki Says Biden Administration Providing Migrant Infants Baby Formula amid Shortage Is 'Morally Right'

Under the Flores Settlement Agreement, the Biden Administration is providing migrant infants at the border with baby formula amid the nationwide shortage.

The Biden Administration is standing by its decision to support migrant families at the border amid the nationwide baby formula shortage.

On Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki addressed recent criticism from Rep. Kat Cammack, Florida Republican lawmaker, and other republicans who have publicly criticized President Joe Biden for providing baby formula to immigrant children.

Psaki pointed out that the actions are in line with the law, citing the Flores Settlement Agreement, which has been followed by every administration.

The law stems from a class action lawsuit settled by the U.S. Justice Department under the Bill Clinton administration, in 1997.

But we believe that when children and babies, or babies I should say, are crossing the border with a family member, that providing them formula is morally right. »

IGN's Multiversus Preview

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But there are a number of key differences in MultiVersus that make it play very differently.

I got to speak to Game Director Tony Huynh with regards to the monetization strategy of MultiVersus and he was very clear up front that Multiversus is not a pay-to-win game.

If you’re looking for a new free-to-play game to play with your buddy, make sure to keep MultiVersus on your radar. »

A father says he put 1,000 miles on his car to find specialty formula for premature infant daughter

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(CNN) Mac Jaehnert said he put 1,000 miles on his car in the last week looking for a specialty nutritional formula for daughter MacKenzie and other premature babies in his southeastern Washington state community.

Coyle said three babies were hospitalized due to intolerance of formulas parents used because of the shortages; another was sickened by mineral imbalances from caregivers mixing their own formula.

MacKenzie Jaehnert was born three months early in December and weighed 2 pounds, 5.7 ounces, her father said on Twitter. »

Millionaires join Davos protests, demanding ‘tax us now’

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The charity Oxfam recently said rising inequality could push as many as 263 million more people into extreme poverty in 2022, reversing decades of progress.

The only credible outcome from this conference is to tax the richest and tax us now.

The protest comes as it was revealed that there were now a record 177 billionaires in the UK, with a combined fortune of £653bn. »