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Thursday February 10th, 2022 morning edition

image for Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who violated stock-trading rules 132 times last year, says it's 'ridiculous' to ban lawmakers from trading stocks

Sen. Tommy Tuberville dismissed proposals to ban stock trading for lawmakers as "ridiculous.".

Several Republicans and Democrats have introduced bills to ban lawmakers from trading stocks.

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Sen. Tommy Tuberville on Wednesday rejected proposals to ban members of Congress from trading stocks, calling the idea "ridiculous.".

Some recent proposals put forth by members of Congress also aim to apply a stock-trading ban on lawmakers' spouses, children, and their congressional staffers.

Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ben Sasse of Nebraska have each introduced bills to ban lawmakers from stock trading.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after previously dismissing the idea, is now working with House Democratic leaders to ban lawmakers from stock trading. »

Dollywood employees to get free tuition

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Dollywood Parks & Resorts announced Tuesday it will cover 100% of tuition, fees and books for any employee.

The program officially launches Feb. 24, for all seasonal, part-time, and full-time employees at Dollywood Parks & Resorts.

“Our goal at Dollywood Parks and Resorts is to provide the best possible experience for both our guests and our hosts,” said Eugene Naughton, President of The Dollywood Company. »

We Are Leaving ModDB news

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Rise of Mordor will leave ModDB at the request of Warner Brothers.

we have received word from ModDB officials that Warner Bros has sent them a DMCA takedown request to remove Rise of Mordor from their databases.

We are grateful to ModDB for giving us time to put our affairs in order before the page is taken down. »

Putin's superyacht abruptly left Germany amid sanction warnings over Russia-Ukraine tensions, report says

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It is speculated Graceful made an abrupt exit to avoid Western sanctions if Russia invaded Ukraine.

A yacht named Graceful and said to belong to Russian President Vladimir Putin left port in Hamburg abruptly before finishing repairs, according to reports from German media.

The US and UK have warned of sanctions on Russian elites, and President Joe Biden has threatened to sanction Putin personally should Russia decide to attack Ukraine. »

Belarus military drills to begin as Russia ratchets up Ukraine tensions

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Photograph: MOD/EyePress/Rex/Shutterstock Belarus Belarus military drills to begin as Russia ratchets up Ukraine tensions Satellite imagery shows much Russian hardware has been moved to locations close to Ukraine border Shaun Walker in Kyiv Wed 9 Feb 2022 14.05 GMT Share on Facebook.

Russia and Belarus will begin 10 days of joint military drills on Thursday, setting in train one of the most overtly threatening elements of the Kremlin’s buildup of forces around Ukraine’s borders.

When Russia first invaded Ukraine back in 2014, Lukashenko remained studiously neutral, despite the fact Belarus and Russia are theoretically part of one “Union State”. »