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Sunday January 23rd, 2022 evening edition

image for How Will Americans Eat in 2022? The Food Forecasters Speak.

Last year at this time, optimistic trend forecasters predicted that the cork would burst from the bottle by summer.

With vaccines in arms, food culture would vibrate in a robust economy.

American menus would be full of innovation driven by waves of international travel, and a new generation of digital-native cooks would rewrite the rules.

But so what if things didn’t turn out like everyone thought they would?

(Kudos to those professional prognosticators who in recent years nailed the mainstream rise of quesabirria, soufflé pancakes, delivery-only restaurants and CBD.

And a special citation for those who saw early on that those ripples of veganism would become a plant-based tsunami.).

The year is starting with a surge of a highly contagious variant of Covid-19 that is only adding to the economic uncertainty. »

Russian ships, tanks and troops on the move to Ukraine as peace talks stall

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The US president, Joe Biden, last week said that Putin himself may not know what he plans to do.

The Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, called talks with US secretary of state Antony Blinken “frank and substantive”.

Russian troops, along with Iskander short-range ballistic missiles, began arriving in Belarus last week after travelling across the country from Russia’s far east. »

Tucker Carlson bemoans fact he's no longer attracted to "less sexy" M&M cartoons

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But in a bizarre twist of events, right-wing commentators have seized on the changes as representative of a larger "cancel culture" sweeping the country — with Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Friday connecting Mars' decision to make its cartoons "less sexy" to the decline of American society.

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Still, Carlson became the subject of much mockery online for his opinions on the matter, which quickly went viral. »

China’s threat to ‘punish’ Olympic athletes for free speech ‘very concerning’, Australia says

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Colbeck said the Australian government opposed China’s advisory, and maintained athletes had the right to free speech on the Olympic stage.

“Any threat aimed at Australian athletes for speaking out, therefore, is very concerning and is not at all supported by the Australian government.”.

That rule change also noted that athletes “are expected to respect the applicable laws, the Olympic values and their fellow athletes”. »