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Saturday December 25th, 2021 morning edition

image for Tony Blair blasts unvaccinated 'idiots' as fears grow over spread of Omicron variant

Tony Blair has slammed people who are still refusing to get the coronavirus vaccine as "idiots" with concerns growing over the spread of the Omicron variant.

His comments come after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced new restrictions to halt the spread of Omicron which is now the dominant variant in Scotland.

Traditional Hogmanay celebrations will be cancelled and live sports will be "effectively spectator-free" for three weeks from Boxing Day as part of new Covid-19 restrictions, Sturgeon said on Tuesday.

He added: "Frankly, if you're not vaccinated at the moment and you're eligible, and you've got no health reasons for not being unvaccinated, you're not just irresponsible.

"This Omicron variant is so contagious, if you're unvaccinated and you're unvaccinated, you're going to get it.

"We shouldn't target these people who are unvaccinated in a heavy-handed way but we should try to go after them and persuade them.".

He added: "Honestly, it's in their own interest, nevermind the public interest, for them to get vaccinated.". »

Jim Jordan 'Very Scared' as 1/6 Committee Seeks Info on Trump Calls, Fellow Lawmaker Says

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Newsweek reached out to Jordan for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

The select committee investigating the Capitol riot sent a letter to Jordan on Wednesday requesting that he voluntarily discuss his communication with Trump.

In the letter, Representative Bennie Thompson, chairman of the committee, said the committee is aware of at least one and "possible multiple" communications Jordan had with Trump on January 6. »

Uncounted: Inaccurate death certificates across the country hide the true toll of COVID-19 • Missouri Independent

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They should rarely, if ever, be cited as an underlying cause of death, said Gill, who reviewed causes of death listed on death certificates during the pandemic.

These three codes appear more frequently on death certificates in places with the largest jumps in deaths not attributed to COVID-19.

Payton said she’s familiar with inaccurate death certificates not just as a physician or a professor, but as a family member. »

Amazon Yankee Candle reviews are mirroring the COVID-19 surge — again

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Still, a looming winter COVID surge and international travel restrictions already stopped many companies from attending even before omicron became a major threat.

“But with COVID-19 cases continuing to rise, we are prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and other attendees.”.

Update (12/23): This post was updated multiple times with details on GM's, Waymo's, Hisense's and Intel's plans for the show. »

China’s Soft-Power Advantage in Africa

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Over the past two decades, Beijing has spent billions building dams, highways, railways, and ports in countries from Egypt to South Africa.

B3W is designed to outperform Beijing by offering alternative investment projects intended to entice countries into choosing the United States over China as their preferred partner.

Divisive events such as the Summit for Democracy, by contrast, can end up pushing excluded countries closer to Beijing. »