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Saturday December 25th, 2021 night edition

image for ‘You must act’: Over 800 religious leaders pressure Biden to pass voting rights law

President Joe Biden is facing more pressure to shepherd the passage of voting rights legislation through the Senate and on Thursday received a letter from hundreds of US faith leaders urging his party to act.

On Thursday, a group of more than 800 faith leaders including the leaders of numerous Christian, Jewish and Muslim organisations wrote to the president and congressional Democrats that “[passing] comprehensive voting rights legislation must be the number-one priority of the administration and Congress”.

“Nothing – including the filibuster – should stand in the way of passing the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, both of which have already passed the House and await Senate action and leadership,” reads the letter.

The Democrats’ voting rights legislation likely has 51 votes in the Senate including that of Vice President Kamala Harris, but faces a roadblock in the opposition to a filibuster carve-out for the issue from two Democrats - senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin.

That last sliver of resistance in the Democratic Senate caucus will likely doom any voting rights legislation, as Mr Manchin’s previous public vows to win Republican support for bipartisan voting rights legislation has come up empty handed thus far.

“The threat is that this election [in 2022] will cement the United States as a minoritarian democracy,” Prof Lessig said.

“I mean, nothing is announced, no deals have been made, blah blah blah … but I think that we’re gonna see progress [in the next month. »

Spain will ban smoking on ALL beaches and fine anyone caught lighting up £1,700

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Spain is set to ban smoking on all of its beaches, allowing councils to fine offenders up to 2,000 euros (£1,700).

Spain is set to ban smoking on all of its beaches months after a petition was signed by more than 283,000 people and delivered to the government.

Other regions in Europe have also moved to ban smoking on beaches, including some areas of southern France and Sardinia. »

Local officials call on Idaho sheriff to resign after he allegedly made disparaging comments about Native Americans

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What happened next outside the home of Bingham County Sheriff Craig Rowland has put the small Idaho community in the national spotlight.

Shortly afterward, Cox told investigators, she saw Rowland trying to wave her down with a gun in his other hand.

When detailing the threats, Rowland allegedly made disparaging comments to investigators about Native Americans. »

Amazon Yankee Candle reviews are mirroring the COVID-19 surge — again

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Still, a looming winter COVID surge and international travel restrictions already stopped many companies from attending even before omicron became a major threat.

“But with COVID-19 cases continuing to rise, we are prioritizing the health and safety of our employees and other attendees.”.

Update (12/23): This post was updated multiple times with details on GM's, Waymo's, Hisense's and Intel's plans for the show. »

China’s Soft-Power Advantage in Africa

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Over the past two decades, Beijing has spent billions building dams, highways, railways, and ports in countries from Egypt to South Africa.

B3W is designed to outperform Beijing by offering alternative investment projects intended to entice countries into choosing the United States over China as their preferred partner.

Divisive events such as the Summit for Democracy, by contrast, can end up pushing excluded countries closer to Beijing. »