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Tuesday November 16th, 2021 morning edition

image for Sweden prosecuting oil executives for complicity in war crimes

From 1983 to 2005, Sudan was torn apart by a civil war between the Muslim-dominated north and Christian south.

A separate conflict in Darfur, the war-scarred region of western Sudan, began in 2003.

Thousands of people were killed and nearly 200,000 displaced.

A 2010 report by an activist group, the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan, alleged that Lundin Oil and three other oil companies helped exacerbate the war in southern Sudan by signing an oil exploration deal with the Sudanese government for an area the regime didn’t fully control.

Our ”investigation shows that the military and its allied militia systematically attacked civilians or carried out indiscriminate attacks,” Public Prosecutor Henrik Attorps said in a statement.

Swedish prosecutors have universal jurisdiction for certain international crimes and have used it to bring cases, among others, for crimes committed in Iran and Rwanda.

But the Lundin case is the highest profile as it concerns one of Sweden’s leading business families, who control several oil, mining and natural resource companies. »

Valley grandma and man she mistakenly texted reuniting for sixth Thanksgiving

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Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench first met in 2016, when Dench mistakenly texted Hinton while trying to reach her grandson about plans for Thanksgiving.

Hinton stayed true to his promise and showed up with his girlfriend, and Dench welcomed the two with open arms.

Lonnie would have been very angry if we didn't have Thanksgiving together," Hinton told CNN. »

Halo Infinite multiplayer now live, Campaign still set for December launch

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In a surprise move, Microsoft has made Halo Infinite multiplayer live as part of the Xbox 20th anniversary celebrations.

Way ahead of the game's planned release date of December 8, Microsoft has shadowdropped Halo Infinite's multiplayer portion, allowing fans to log in and play the already-hyped multiplayer mode almost a month a head of schedule.

This early launch lets you play on all the game's maps, enjoy all the weapons and get a look at the full Halo Infinite Battle pass, too. »

Alex Jones guilty in all four Sandy Hook defamation cases

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Alex Jones has been found guilty by default in all four defamation cases brought by the families of victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting tragedy.

The ruling means all four lawsuits brought by the families of 10 Sandy Hook victims in Texas and Connecticut have won defamation cases against Jones.

The families of Sandy Hook victims were subjected to years of in-person and online harassment over the claims. »

Republicans Saying Trump Likely to Be Reinstated by Year's End Jumps to 28 Percent

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A new poll found that more Republicans now think that Donald Trump will likely be reinstated as president before the end of 2021.

One of the questions that respondents answered was: "How likely or unlikely do you think it is that Donald Trump will be reinstated as President before the end of 2021?".

Republicans who said that Trump will "somewhat likely" be reinstated before 2021 ends increased from 11 percent in October to 15 percent in November. »