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Friday September 3rd, 2021 evening edition

image for Elizabeth Warren agrees Texas abortion law is like The Handmaid’s Tale

Elizabeth Warren has agreed with the comparison of Texas’s new abortion law to something from The Handmaid’s Tale.

The southern state’s new law bans abortion after six weeks, and in Margret Atwood’s dystopian tale women are exploited for their baby-making capabilities.

“I lived in an America in which abortion was illegal when I was young, before Roe vs. Wade.

And when abortion is illegal, rich women still get abortions,” she said.

Women who have time and who have friends in other places will still get abortions.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor called the new law “flagrantly unconstitutional” and said it “flouts nearly 50 years of federal precedents”.

In 1973, the landmark Roe v Wade ruling by the Supreme Court guaranteed women the right to an abortion. »

Taliban declare China their closest ally

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China is the Taliban’s “principal partner” in the international community, the Islamist group has said in its strongest signal yet of diplomatic priorities.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid on Thursday claimed Beijing was “ready to invest in and reconstruct” Afghanistan as he set out hopes that China would provide a gateway into global markets.

The senior Taliban official’s remarks came after Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, declared earlier in the day that Britain “will not be recognising the Taliban any time in the foreseeable future”. »

How Engineers Protected New Orleans From Hurricane Ida

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Those decisions may well have saved New Orleans from calamity this past week, when Hurricane Ida hit.

For instance, there would be a cumulative 26% probability of a 100-year storm hitting sometime in the next 30 years.

And as climate change brought stronger and more frequent extreme storms, the likelihood of such events would only increase. »

Jim Simons, RenTech Insiders to Pay Billions in Back Taxes

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Renaissance Chief Executive Officer Peter Brown disclosed the agreement Thursday in a letter to investors seen by Bloomberg.

Medallion is owned almost exclusively by current and former employees of the East Setauket, New York-based firm.

Renaissance funds that are open to outsiders, such as the institutional equities fund, aren’t part of the tax dispute. »

Theodore McCarrick, ex-cardinal and Archbishop of Washington, D.C., pleads not guilty to sex abuse charges in Boston court

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Theodore McCarrick, the former Archbishop of Washington D.C., pleaded not guilty on Friday to child sex abuse charges.

Now 91, McCarrick appeared in court for an arraignment Friday morning at the Dedham District Court outside Boston, using a walker.

McCarrick was also ordered to turn over his passport and was barred from traveling outside the U.S. Former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick appeared in Dedham District Court outside Boston Sept. 3 and pleaded not guilty to sex abuse charges. »